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Well here we are on day 25 of my journey. Tissue valve replacement mechanical valve replacement and a third valve repaired. Ablation which didn't work. Chest infection. Drains in and out and back in and out again. Pacemaker fitted eventually. Bored and skinny! Seen Brighton Hospital from every possible angle as been moved a dozen times between wards. Staff have been amazing from Surgeons to the angels who sat with me through some dark times holding my hand and reassuring me. Our NHS should be the envy of the world. Now the aim is to build on my strength and then go to a Convalescent home for a fortnight before going home. Hope you are all well. X

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Oh golly you have certainly been through the wringer and sounds like you have experienced the best of the NHS.

Do convelescent homes still exist? I remember one in the town I grew up in - on the sea front - better positioned on the sea front than the best hotel. Yes, you certainly need some TLC. Get well soon.

Best wishes for your recovery CD.

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Thank you. Yes Rustington has a beautiful convalescent home on the seafront which will be ideal for me as I live alone. A mixture of care and confidence boosting.

That all sounds like bit of a trial you've been through there Becks, but hopefully it looks as though you're on the up again now.

Never forget we are always here for you if you need support or just someone to chat to. Quite a few members are pleased to chat through the private messaging, so never be afraid to approach any of the frequent users of this forum if you feel they could be supportive.

Big hug and hope you will soon be home again and feeling so much better.


Thank you. I have to say that yesterday's move to this ward seems to have done the trick confidence wise. Water retention is the main stumbling block but now I am more mobile that should dissipate.

Best wishes for a good recovery πŸŒ…

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Thank you x

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