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Been told I'm high risk by GP and now in isolation


Hi guys,

With everything that's going on it is not always easy knowing what do to do despite there being so many sources of information. I have bi-cuspid aortic valve, history of a-fib/flutter and SVT and TIA. Plus I have been recently diagnosed with a Vitamin D insuffuency which has an effect on your immune system.

So with this in mind I have been told by the GP I am high risk and therefore sent home from work UFN being told don't call us we will call you!

I am apparently being placed on a risk register for the company, but this means I cannot have any sickness attributed against me for this period.

I'm frustrated as I actually would like to be art work and my role is essential to the running of trains. It means my colleagues will be be required to work harder now in my absence.

Despite this, I guess I have to think of my own welfare.

I hope you all remain safe and keep as sane as you can during this time of uncertainty.

Take care


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My daughter has been sent to work at home because her husband is asthmatic. Mind you, as my granddaughter has had a cough the family probably should be self isolating anyway.

It’s frustrating DD when you want to be doing your normal job but, as you realise, your health must come first. It’s good that you are protected again sick leave totals - colleagues will understand and would not want to be the source of any risk to your health.

Spring is coming and the weeds await . . . 😀

Stay safe yourself.

Thanks Fin, you are completely right and my colleagues understand this. It’s my boss I’m more concerned about lol. He’s being a complete a*%e to me at the moment, but he’s away on his honeymoon, so he’ll likely be quarantined if he manages to get back!

I’ve got DIY to do, kids to home school and a heart to keep under control, so hopefully I’ll be OK.

Stay safe yourself....

Frustrating as you say but it is also important to keep yourself safe so you are able to work when this has all cleared. Take care.

Yep, agreed. I felt bad initially, but I know this is for the best. You take care too...

Be safe not sorry and take care.

(I have the same work ethic as you (also worried they can do it without me))

It’s difficult to believe this covid19 is really in our own lives as it’s all a bit surreal at the moment.

Sci fi almost.

It’s hard, we have a lot of pressure on us at work right now as many do to deliver during this difficult time, but I really hope they stay symptom free. But, I’ve got to consider my own health and that of my family. You are right, it is almost sci-fi or Hollywood! Surreal walking the streets right now.

I went to the GP surgery yesterday and the nurse who I saw was Italian and said the streets still aren’t quiet enough for this isolation to work. Who knows, all I know is that now they’ve shut Costa I have no reason to go out anyway! 😬🙈

I must admit I felt pretty awful when my employer rang me and told me to say at home ufn. Fortunately I can work from home and I will be getting paid unlike so many but I am a social animal and miss my friends at work. Small price to pay for staying safe.

Yes, like you I’m on full pay having been sent home by them and not the other way round. Hopefully Network Rail have plenty of money, so I’m hoping that situation won’t change anytime soon. I fell for those that aren’t being paid full salaries or being made redundant though. Sad times ahead I fear for many of us.

It’s hard as like you I miss the social interaction with colleagues, even the moaners! But you can’t put a price on safety.

Frustrating I know. I’m in France and total lockdown. Day five......all I can say is you are safe and that’s the main does get boring a bit, it’s quite hard after normal life, but it’s takes in a form of pottering! Get out in the garden as much as you can...we r outside on our terrasse . What I wish I’d done had bought some seeds go down.....for all of you that may be goung into lock down I’d say plan it. I wish we’d bought some paint to paint a bedroom here...I wish I’d bought stuff for the terrasse to befire you lock down go get those bits you may need

Keep safe


Auriculaire in reply to Morzine

Hi Sue- can't you get some seeds when you go to your local supermarché to do the food shopping? Our local Intermarché sells seeds. Just don't forget your attestation! I don't think the police are inspecting your shopping to make sure it's only food and toilet roll! I overdid in the garden yesterday , pulled some muscles in my upper back and chest and had terrible pain on breathing deeply last night. Thought for a moment it might be the virus as my daughter in London has been off work with it for a week now and said she had some chest pain about day 4. But today it is much better though husband has forbidden any gardening! So I will just have to relax under a tree with my book. I have not been out since my visit to the doctor last weds. We had planned a ride on the bike and a picnic for Tuesday but no such luck.

Morzine in reply to Auriculaire

We are onky goung to tiny supermarket in village. But my renters are sowing seeds and passed some up here....yes rest up don’t over do it eh.... great we are getting summer type weather......makes it better being outside....think we are in for a long lock down but hey ho eh......where are you?

Auriculaire in reply to Morzine

Corrèze. Our village shop sells hardly anything so we go to local Intermarché. Husband was stopped on Tuesday but saw no police today. The weather is a bonus for sure. We only have 12 cases so far in Corrèze. Take care.

lallym in reply to Morzine

You could order seeds and probably paint online.

Morzine in reply to lallym

I ordered painting by numbers !!!!! From Spain I think it’s got stuck in the post there...nit surprised......our post offices have shut, but I think Poste is still coming......

You need to get your vit D up and quick. Has the doc prescribed a loading dose? Taking 1000/2000 iu a day will take months to get it up.

I have just started a 1000iu a day dose. I’ve opted for the spray so it gets more of that Vit D goodness into my body. I didn’t realise that as a result of having a low Vit D count that my immune system is also compromised.

I'm afraid that such a low dose will not get you into the adequate range for a long time. Indeed the adequate range in the UK is even lower than in most European countries and here in France would still be considered deficient. I have been given loading doses by ampoule here in France of 200,000 iu with no deleterious effects. The spray might well be more effective than tablets. Is this a prescribed med or something uou can buy over the counter?

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