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Another ablation complete, bradycardia?

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Hi, I had my 4th ablation done last week this time under deep sedation. So a very different experience to the previous ones when I was conscious. Seem to be doing well except for chest discomfort, palpitations and extreme fatigue (sleeping the clock around!) All normal Im sure. Thanks for your wishes and advice on the last post, we have been advised just to bide our time and see how this recovery goes.

Just 1 curious question... have many experienced a slow heart rate post ablation? My heart rate is staying mostly mid 40s to early 50s bpm, and as I mentioned this is very rare for me!

Thanks Jude

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I actually had the opposite happen. I was on sotalol and metoprolol before the ablation so my heart rate dipped into the 40s all the time. After the ablation, it was in the 80s for about 24 hours and is now back to a comfortable 60. I discontinued the metoprolol about a month ago and my heart rate was unchanged.

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Jude07 in reply to Bshersey

Ok, thats quite interesting to know. I am still on multiple heart rate and rhythm meds so maybe over time Dr will reduce like yourself. Thanks for input.

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Most unusual. It is normally raised post ablation. Do speak to your EP team if you are worried.

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Jude07 in reply to BobD

Thanks BobD I didnt think it was supposed to be so low, had crossed my mind could he have over-ablated near sinus node if thats possible? Will get in touch then since it doesnt appear normal!

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