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Ablation complete

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Hi. Well I have just popped my cryo ablation cherry. Currently laying here on my 8 hour procedures post op bed rest. Everything fine. Woke with chest pain in recovery and needed a dash of morphine but otherwise tickedy boo.

Have stage fright with passingb urine on a bed pan but sure it will ease soon and I will be able to go.

No knickers but hey ho.

Best piece of advice so far.....straws have been a God send for drinking!!!

Just one question. Consultant says 2 days rest 2 days gentle moving then chops away can go back to normal after a week as cryo is much less scarring.

Is that right as had 2 weeks in my head. Do a sitting job but is stressful. Happy to go back as work short staffed but just wondering on Bob's view

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Yes cryo is less invasive in regards to time but I would still try to take two weeks if I were you. Best thing is be guided by how you feel and how assertive you can be at work. Worst thing is to go back too soon and get stressed to the eyebrows and undo all the good work. . If you can say " OI! Boss! Nah! I came back to 'elp ya art but I aint goin' to knock meself art for nowon." then fine other wise take what you can. (apologies to Harry Enfield)


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howesgilly in reply to BobD

Thanks. Will see how I go. Seems a lovely consultant. Dr segal does barts and came here for me. Great hospital so relaxing and own room with en suite and tv so been occupied while flat.

Here's to a good recovery.

Ps finally managed to wee lol

Excellent! It nearly all sounds good. I am trying not to do too much, but a week on am feeling just fine. The Christmas card marathon (I feel obliged to write at the very least a garbled message in every card to get my money's worth) is keeping me sitting down.

Good news! Hope it continues to go well.

My husband asked if I would be spending the first week in bed and I like a fool said no - discovered some time ago that he considers that if you are not up to your normal routine you should go to bed so as to be back in action asap! Lucky my normal routine is pretty leisurely.....

Brilliant and I am pleased.

Do take it easy though your health is far more important than work. I would definitely stay OFF if I were in your shoes!!!!

No matter how good intentioned BOTH you are and your boss is if you go back into the work environment you will be caught up in it. I know I did that on a previous occasion (before my AF). Your boss is expecting you to be off two weeks and so must have a plan with coping without you (I know none of us like to think that!!!).

Hi Howesgilly,

Well Done, fantastic news, you had a great EP in Dr Segal. Now listen to Bob and

get plenty of rest and no work for at least 2 weeks.

Kind Regards


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howesgilly in reply to Barry24

He was great. Just my kind of consultant relaxed and honest. He is a colleague and friend of my ep so I trusted him.

Day 1 back home and have already learnt that I can't potter around like I thought I could. Groin too restrictive so can't see me running around work too soon

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PeterWh in reply to howesgilly

Who is your EP?

Hi I'm five weeks on and feel fantastic . It's a pleasure just feeling a steady beat.

I,m 53 and active and began light exercise a week after the op. But I felt that 3 weeks was the right time to get back to normal.

I feel very fortunate that the medical profession are advanced enough to perform this mini miracle. A few decades ago it could have been curtains.

Hope it lasts. Good luck


A week after my cryo ablation I felt so good that I got stuck into the housework that had been overlooked - cleaning and mopping the floor etc. At night I felt the familiar feeling of my heart flapping in my chest, but when I felt my pulse it was strong and regular. The procedure had done its job! I decided that I had unfortunately ignored Bob's advice and done too much too soon, so I slowed down again.

Take it easy.

Lynn x

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