Second Ablation Completed

Thursday arrived, I was whipped into the BHI by my son and husband, my feet not touching the floor, they wanted it done and dusted as much as I did. I was shown straight into the pre op room, cannula inserted, bloods taken, ecg and usual checks done, the consultant explained again what he was going to do and then I was straight into the cath lab, the first on his list for the day. Banana dakarie sprayed down my throat, sedative injected into the canular, toe mouth guard in place and by the time my head hit the pillow I was out of it. I came to off and on over the next four hours, watched what was happening on the big screen but my eye lids were to heavy to stay open for long, then back to my cubicle in the pre op where I was told I'd be staying in over night. I had been told I was a day case but I had a feeling so I had packed a few things. The usual night happened as it does in all hospitals, not a lot of sleep because of all the coming and goings, but I was so grateful it was all over. Then home by lunchtime on Friday. They found I had flutter as well as fibulation, so they topped up the original ablation and zapped where the flutter was. I feel like the Duracell bunnie now, I could go on and on. Rest for two weeks, not sure that's going to happen, I'm straining at the leash already!!! But with husband and sons watching my every this space!!

For those of you wondering whether or not to go for it, this is my second bite of the cherry, and if it takes three then I'd still do it. It's made so much difference to my quality of life. I know it doesn't work for everyone but when it does, it makes such a difference. I'm just so grateful I live in this day and age when something can be done to cage this rogue mongrel of a condition.

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  • So glad it all went well. Give me a week or two and I will organise a lunch!

    Now rest!

  • Thanks Bob, I have no choice, they won't even let me make a cup of tea!!!! It'll be nice to get together with everyone.

  • Congratulations MammaCass. So glad you came through the ordeal so well.

    Now take your own advice - rest! 😀

  • I'm afraid I suffer from don't do as I do, do as I say syndrome!!

  • Thought as much 😀. Just try!

    Take care.

  • Lol x

  • Glad it went well. Please, please take it easy and recover gently. Your heart has had a lot of trauma. Don't overdo! Wishing you NSR forever!

  • Thanks Grandma, when you suddenly feel well it's so hard to sit still!!

  • I know it is, MammaCass, but ablations have better success when you recover gently and maintain a super healthy lifestyle afterward! :-)

  • I really love the support you get on this site, how everyone cares. I promise to be a good girl and not to over do things Grandma x

  • Now you're talking.... :-)

  • Lol x

  • Glad it's over MC. Been thinking about you a lot. Look forward to our next coffee. 😀 Jan

  • Jan, as soon as I have the all clear to drive, I'll call you x

  • Well done again. Im so glad its all done and dusted. Keep us all updated. Rest now! X

  • Thanks Dedeottie, will do, after all I promise Grandma I'd be a good girl x

  • Hope it all goes well and this was your last! Best wishes. CD

  • Thanks CDreamer, fingers crossed x

  • Well done you rest now.


  • I'll do my best Christo x

  • Wonderful, I live in fear of one day needing an ablation! But your somewhat funny description of the days events makes it seem a lot less scary (thank you) 😀, wishing you continual good health x

  • It is a scary thing lingooz, but you have to weigh up if you're prepared to stay the way you are or go for it with all the benifits ablation could bring. For me there was no question, I can't tolerate the drugs and I hate the constant not knowing if I'll be well enough on any given day to do what I want. I hate being dependant on others, I treasure my independence, not being able to drive has creased me. (Mike has been wonderful he takes me were ever I want to go, but it's the niggle of having to ask rather than picking up the keys and going) and since the passing out started to become a permanent fixture I'm not allowed to go anywhere on my own, so for me there was no question

  • I completely understand, I am lucky in as much I had my first few attacks and had heartrate of 184 in a & E and since are getting less and less, attacks are less than minute with no tachycardia, only on warfarin and only taken 1 pill in pocket (all in two years) am aware it usually gets worse, but enjoying this quiet time, keep coming in this friendly place to learn all I can for possibly future relapse, so always happy to read of success stories, keep well

    Lynn x

  • It's a really friendly supportive group Lynn, I've learnt a great deal from the good people here

  • Yes, I have dipped in and out for about 18 months now 😀

  • Good news....

  • Thanks Janey, I feel so much better now

  • Well done, glad your back home and all went well. Find lots of things to do sitting down. I started a complicated knitting project which is still ongoing and driving me crazy, so beware what you start you have to finish! REST.


  • I've started a colouring book for adults, strangely relaxing and satisfying!!!!

  • ALL THE BEST TO you / do you have to stop your tablet or carry on , as i will ask for one , if its dosnt work they will book you for second one . thankyou/

  • Thanks Karim. No I'm not on any drugs, I wasn't before the procedure, they make me really ill so the only drug I take is Rivoroxaban and I'm on that for life

  • I'm with you on this Mama. Had my 1st ablation 5 years ago and I'd deffo go through it every 5 years to feel as well as I have done since. Didn't manage a full week on the couch and I'd need to be tied down to last 2 weeks, so good luck with that and hope your recovery goes well.

  • Sitting still is not my thing Frank, but I promised Grandma I'd be good. So today I sat and did all the paperwork for an agm I'm chairing late next week. I really feel like I've achieved something today even if my bum has been glued to the chair

  • Hey mama Cass i'm very encouraged that you're doing well.I actually had my first a flutter ablation about six months ago I was doing really well but after looking at this blog I think I pushed it being one of The replies to take it easy and I didn't I've being I was traveling about two weeks after the ablation. Not that I'm a big drinker but I have a couple as a wine tonight in about a week ago. Unfortunately I went back into a flutter three days ago and I can't even walk up the steps without getting out of breath. I'm a former football player and athlete. So very depressed at 63 that I'm in the shape right now. it was like somebody flipped the switch I went back in a flutter. So very depressed see my electronic cardiologist on Monday. It looks like I'll have another ablation scheduled shortly I guess I have to take it easy this summer.

    I think this could've been prevented if I just lost some weight and watch my lifestyle.

    Will let you know what the doctor says next Monday .

  • Jsanta, it doesn't always work the first time. I'm 18 month post my second ablation, my life has turned around I've been lucky. I'm back to playing sport and walking everywhere without being out of breath. The only meds I take relating to this condition is Rivaroxaban. Don't give up go for ablation number 2 if your offered. There are those on here who have been at number 3 and 4!!! I hope the Doctor has good news for you on Monday

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