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3 months post 3rd Ablation check up,


Had 3 Ablations over the last three and a half years, three months check up yesterday at Glenfield, No Af just steady pulse of around 55, been checking it myself.

Had my E C G done yesterday and Cardiologist said E C G was good NSR pulse 56, he said stay on Sotalol 20mg twice a day for the next 9 months, i do get what i think are Eptopic beats only last for second or two feels like some thing in my chest moving about then goes, told Cardiologist and he said thats common after Ablation still scary.

Its the longest i've been in normal rhythm for many years, I know it is Still early days yet, could go back into AF any time, but fingers crossed.

Keep you posted

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Positive thoughts now Higgy. I'm sure it will all be good.

Great news. When you do feel an ectopic coming on, breathe. And breathe deeply. Afibers tend to be shallow breathers.

So pleased for you!

That's good to hear Higgy, but I wonder why he wants you to stay on the Sotalol for 9 months? Do you feel drugged taking them? As a heart rate between 60-80 is ideal I would think 70 would be perfect. Your rate of 55 is low unless of course you're an athlete. Will you see your EP again before stopping the pills?


When you have your check up at clinic you never see your E P, seen a young chap with he is fully qualified cardiologist im not sure, he said stay on sotalol just in case, if i had seen a different cardiologist he might have said come off it, no side affects from sotolol yet, used to be on Amiodarone for over 2 years that gave me loads of trouble

I'm soon to have my ablation there for atrial flutter, so your post is very encouraging for me. What you describe are what I call palpitation and are - so far as I know - perfectly okay. They just feel as if they're not. Best wishes for an Afib free future!

higgy52 in reply to Ppiman

good luck

Glenfield. Did you have Dr Stafford Higgy?

higgy52 in reply to Colutd

had Dr Stafford for my second one, Prof NG for my 3rd

Is “AF” fib or flutter?

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