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3 months post-ablation check-up

This is my second attempt at this post - yesterday's attempt vanished.

I travelled from North Wales to Broadgreen, Liverpool by train. It was so much easier than by car. I can supply details of the walk from the station to the hospital to anyone who may be interested.

Since the ablation I have had 4 episodes of irregular heart beat. I had nothing at all for the first 8 weeks and then the 4 blips as I came off medication. Last week I used the pill- in - the - pocket for the first time ie 100 mg Flecainide and 1.25 Bisoprolol

I was told that I could expect blips for the 1st 3 months they will now be interested in the next 3 months to assess the effectiveness of the ablation. I should keep a record of incidents.

I was told that I had been right to use the Flecainide and that it needs to be supported by the Bisoprolol . If it doesn't work, repeat in 6 hours. If it still doesn't work, go to A&E.

I said that I felt that my heart needed some support because of the seriously dilated left atrium and the fibrosis. I am to go back on to 2.5 Bisoprolol. This brings my resting heart beat down from 80 to 70.

I am to have a monitor fitted for the 4th time. I flatly refused the proposed 48hr one which I consider to be a total waste of time. I asked for a 7 day ECG loop monitor which is switched on all the time and this was agreed. I sometimes wake with AF so the type which you trigger is useless too.

Finally I was told that Liverpool is planning to start an AF support group.

PS. I will never regret having the ablation. I have had no pain at any time since, no breathlessness, no acid reflux, just an all round general better quality of life - so far!!

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Good news Well done.


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Fantastic Jenny. I completely agree with you re: the 48 hour monitor, well done for pushing for that.

Wishing you an event free (from now on) recuperation!


Thank you CDreamer. I remain very grateful for your excellent advice re the need for an acid environment for dabigatran.

The monitors are an awful faff and it will involve 2 journeys to our local hospital (12 miles each way) I can cope with most things that are helpful but a 48 hr monitor stands little chance of picking up much. I suspect that they think that I can be Bolshi but I know that I'm right about this.

Very best wishes,


So glad to hear your ablation appears to have been a success, there are

always going to be hiccoughs along the way but as long as the end result

ends the discomfort of af thats well worth it. Take care Jenny, best wishes


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Thank you for the update, jenny. Anything which improves quality of life has to be good news and I'm glad to hear that your ablation has been so successful. Best wishes for continued good health and QOL.


Thank you Finvola and Shirley. I have been very interested in all your posts over the past year. I hope that the Flecainide is still proving helpful, Finvola and that your post-ablation recovery continues,Shirley.

I thought that it was helpful to spell out the pill-in-the-pocket use of Flecainide. I got the info from Carol (Caromia). They confirmed that she was correct ( as usual)!!!!

Best wishes


Thank you jenny - three months and counting . . . actually feel 'normal' :)

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Dear Jennydog, so pleased to read about your successful ablation. Long May it continue. I am now 4 months post ablation. No AF any more but now getting episodes of fast heart rates every now and then. Still early days as I have been told it can take 6 months to settle down. I feel so much better for having my ablation and getting my life back.


Dear WPW62, it sounds as though we are running in parallel. I have been careful to say that my 4 blips were erratic beats as I wasn't sure that it was actually AF. The monitor will confirm this, I hope.. I was interested in the emphasis on the 3-6 months post-operative period. I may finish up with a pacemaker but the ablation has certainly been a necessary and positive step.

Very best wishes for your continuing good health.

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I agree about the journey by car to Broadgreen being difficult.I travel there from Wirral by car and always seem to be in the wrong lane! Unlike Alder Hey hospital it doesn't seem to be well sign posted.I had to go for a Heart scan and exercise tolerance test one day and back the following day for 48hour ECG to be fitted I then had to return the monitor on Monday.I felt fine during 48hours but then after I returned it had AF that went off after deep breathing and walking around.

I have had two ablations and went into AF after five months. I now seem to get AF about every 6 months but seem to be better at controlling it.I have wondered if the pill in my pocket might be better for me as my pulse is only 51 with 5mg Bisoprolol and I wonder if it makes my AF worse!


Hi @ Jeanette, how nice to get your post. I had noticed that the sign posts were non-existent.

If I were you I would ask about cutting your bisoprolol to 2.5. This is my for life dose. Flecainide at 100 strength woks as a pip for me. You may need to experiment but it's worth a try.

Best wishes.


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