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Hi. Just back from a GP visit to check on blood results. Even eating a very healthy with loads of verge and omega 3 my cholesterol is 5.3 and HDL 1.

We agreed at my last visit to stop artorvastin because of side effects I couldn't tolerate. Because of the high cholesterol level I have agreed to try an other brand Rosuvastatin at my GP's request. I have now read a paper by a Dr Wolfe that taking Rosuvastatin increases the risk of diabetes more than the other statins.

I am now confused and unhappy to start this medication. Had anyone here on the forum been prescribed Rosuvastatin and if so how do you get on with it and how is it tolerated? Having already had a stroke I believe my risk of having an other one is always there.

I am grateful for any information.

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I haven’t but I have taken Cholesterase - plant sterols in capsule for - which along with diet changes lowered my cholesterol from 7.2 to 5.5 in a 8 weeks. I. Happy at that number as my ratios are good and triglycerides are low.

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Thank you. I might try that too.

Hi there - there is another thread recently on statins and levels have a look at that. My level is 5.3 but I will not be taking statins, my GP suggested it my Cardiac medics said no as they consider that level as reasonably normal. Are you on an anticoagulant what is your AF situation.


Patients being scared by 'high' levels of cholesterol is looking like it could be the next Big Pharma ('BP') scandal. If you already have associated comorbidities, then I expect it could be beneficial to take statins but that does not apply to a healthy body.

Question: Do you know for sure high cholesterol caused your stroke e.g. it could have been caused by a combination of other factors e.g. being dehydrated, static for a long time, having Factor V Leiden (genetic, affecting me and 10%+ of the population, most not realising) or other health issues?

In case it helps from my research and personal experience:

The body produces around 80% of cholesterol (irrespective of the food you eat) usually for a reason to deal with an issue

Cholesterol levels can be raised due to stress

Statins can cause many other issues by suppressing the body's functions

'Healthy Normal ranges' usually backed by BP tend to vary & rarely in the direction of taking less pills

My personal experience is my records began 20 years ago with a steady level of 7, over the last 15 years I have been on a full fat diet and it has remained at 7 until this year when it dropped to 5, which I can only put down to increasing lifestyle stress busters (avoiding issues, mindfulness, exercise, prayer etc). Due to my AF I had my heart and carotid veins scanned 3 years ago and they were all completely clear.

Hope something there helps

PS I am grateful to BP for flecainide (and other emergency drugs) but don't forget they are a commercial business, not a philanthropic organisation and have a responsibility to share holders first to make profits and making us well second. Putting somebody on a pill for life must be a money spinner.

"The body produces around 80% of cholesterol (irrespective of the food you eat) usually for a reason to deal with an issue"

actually about 75% but that's splitting hairs. cholesterol is an essential molecule for life and is not produced to "deal with an issue" but is used in many cellular processes such as in the cell membrane for structure and function; production of steroid hormones; production of vitamin D; and production of bile acids.

Oops sorry, I am no medic, I thought I had read the body produces more cholesterol if there is something wrong to deal with.

Hi I have read your post. My friend who is a nutritionist swears by organic pure green tea to lower cholesterol: 3-4 cups a day and the results are good: give it a try.

I believe eating less wheat and more oats helps. For example, try a wheat-free breakfast, based on oats eg a muesli (Pertwood?) or porridge.

I tried a few statins that didn’t suit finally my consultant who looks after my type2 diabetes suggested Rosvustatin and I have taken them now for 3 years with no side effects. So they suit me you would have to try them to see how they suit you . Best of luck at least there are a few alternatives to try.

Thank you all so much for your replies. It’s very much appreciated. I will now think it all over and make my mind up. Will let you know what I have decided and how I get on.

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