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Having met some resistance from my GP re my request for repeat visit to Cardiology "ablation not without risk you know" I went back after taking myself off Adizem (bad reaction) to have another go at him. I was surprised that a much younger GP was taking his surgery; he seemed to be much more clued up on AF in general. He agreed that I did not require rate control since my resting heart rate was less than 100 (actually between 70 and 80 bpm) and that I was right to stop taking the drug. Furthermore he is going to refer me back to Cardiology with a request to see an EP with a view to subsequent ablation. So things are on the up! Drugs now down to two, Warfarin and Losarten. Fasting regime a la Michael Moseley has reduced my weight about 17lbs (over a couple of years and still dropping) but just about all the health factors in four separate blood tests have improved substantially. Blood sugar down from 8.4 doddahs per wotsis to 4 (bang in the middle of normal range, cholesterol HDL up LDL down (if that matters I'm a bit of a sceptic here, google cholesterol myth), mild renal failure gone, I'm now within normal range. So I just have to wait now to return to Cardiology.

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  • It just goes to show it depends on who you see well done great news!

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  • Ditto Loo's comment! Good luck, hopefully to are now on the journey toward health.

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  • Sounds like a great GP, good luck with the EP.

  • It's taken a while to get to this stage, incidentally, following your original advice!

  • Well done, perseverance with 'white coats' is essential and remember you are an equally important part of the medical team!

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  • That's great news, Reedman. GP's can be so different in their attitudes. My usual one was great, but the one that put me on warfarin prior to ablation, I heard mutter under his breath - "well it may not work" - hmm! that was some encouragement - not! Happily, it has worked thus far two months down the line.

  • I read somewhere that although GPs get updated in their skills and knowledge they tend to keep the attitudes they developed when training which leads some of them to be reluctant to accept new medical ideas unless it is a particular interest of theirs. I'm glad you are now post ablation and happy with the result. I may not be offered ablation, of course, that will be for the EP to decide. However, if he/she tells me it's not likely to improve things then I will happliy accept that and soldier on as is, but at least I will have had an electrician examine my electrical problem.

  • The decision rests on many things, not least how fit you are generally for an op and not forgetting if you go to a carpet salesman you'll buy a carpet (the words of caution from my cardiologist) after visiting the EP.

  • Thanks for your reply. Ultimately, the course of any action/procedure will be decided by me after having been given the advice of the EP who is the professional in this particular field.

  • I'm really glad you're getting somewhere, that's great news. My only question would be on that fasting diet, how does that work with warfarin? I was thinking about it and then thought, it's not regular enough... My INR will be looping the loop!


  • Hi Lis

    Doesn't seem to make any difference that I've noticed. Over time warfarin dose is adjusted to your eating habits anyway. I avoid eating high vit K stuff the day before INR test to avoid distorting the test result and the subsequent yo-yo-ing about over the ensuing weeks to get back on an even keel. That's about all I do. My INR then is pretty stable between 2.5 and 3.


  • Hi George,

    That's really interesting... I may give that a go! I think the only way I'll ever lose weight is to not eat full stop. My body is so good at hanging on to every calorie that if the world's food supply ran out tomorrow I'd be the only one alive in a year's time, haha...


  • Moseley's 5,2 is not difficult really which is why he did it of course. Initially I had a small breakfast (couple of boiled eggs) and a small meal at dinner time. However, a couple of weeks in and I did away with breakfast and had a bigger evening meal like steamed fish and baked mediterranean veg (lots of) and a fruit salad pud. If still craving food, you haven't had enough veg! I chose med veg 'cos low in vit K so as not to upset INR. You also have the thought that you can eat normally tomorrow to help you through.


  • Hmm sounds good... I like Mediterranean veggies too! Thanks George... :)

  • Hiya George, does it have to be mediterranean vegs? Sann

  • No not really but I chose med veg because it was low in vitamin K and was tasty. Moseley chose steamed green veg but then he wasn't on warfarin. Basically my med veg was a set of traffic lights peppers (red green and almost amber) chopped into largish chunks, couple of chopped courgettes, some chopped garlic plus generous amount (say 12) halved cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, maybe a bit of cajun seasoning to liven things up a bit. Stir it all up a bit in a bowl and tip into a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and bake on full whack for 30 mins, delish!


  • Me to eatsalottie I have only to look at a picture of food whether it be salad or dumplings and I put on a couple of

  • Yes, exactly! :D

  • Well done on the weight loss and blood results hope you see the Cardiologist soon.

  • Thanks for that, all encouragement gratefully received!

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