FIRM Ablations - good news

I've mentioned FIRM ablations before as they have a good success rate. This independent trial has just been published:

after a single procedure, 87.5% of patients who had not previously had an ablation were free of AF after 1 year. That's a remarkably good result - much better than the average 50% or so achieved currently. Also the majority of patients were persistent, who have always been more difficult to ablate. Additionally the technique appears relatively easy for EP's to learn and get consistently good results.

This study was carried out in the US. It would be good if someone could do it in the UK.

If I were looking for an ablation (which I'm not, having had a successful one 4 years ago), I would seriously look at having this technique and even holding off until it was available.


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  • Thanks for letting us know about this Mark. Very interesting. Was this the type of ablation that you had?

  • Hi Jean,

    No - I had a combined RF & cryo ablation from Prof Schilling which I'm very pleased with. I'd be very interested to know if anyone is offering this yet in the UK. I half expect my ablation to fail sometime in the future and it would be good to know there's a fool-proof option.


  • Interesting, thanks

  • Thanks for the information, Mark. It's good to know about improvements in ablation techniques for AF, with an eye to the future. :)

  • There is a study going to be done which is called PRESSURE a UK hospital.... I've said yes to taking part but won't find out if I've been randomized until after my ablation..its a new study so the only information I have on it is the paperwork I was given...its close monitoring over 12 months some you do at home with a little device also there are two ops involved the first one followed by a second one 8-10 weeks see if any gaps have developed in the ablation lines which is why AF comes back....obviously if they do find the reason then it would be great news for all AF sufferers.......I will checkout that FIRM trial (not done so yet)...thanks for the link

  • That looks very interesting, Loo. presumably the first op is the main ablation, then there's a follow up op to close any gaps around the pulmonary veins. It will require very accurate mapping so it has that in common with FIRM. I presume they only do the 2nd ablation if the first is not successful?


  • Very good point Mark...I assumed the second operation was to go back in and see if any gaps have developed and why and close the gaps again which doesn't say much for the first op but I guess its a means to an end. Then there is close monitoring at 6weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months with the patient taking a portable ECG reading every day for 30 seconds for 365 days..which they download and examine at those points so yes the ECG readings every day will tell them if the first therapy is working or not and I guess at what point after treatment does your AF start again or not...hope this makes sense..

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