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Did or didn't I take my medication this morning


I take 25mg metoprolol and 5mg Eliquis twice a day for aqib, this morning had a lot on my mind and couldn't remember if I took it or not, is it safer to not take the chance of taking it twice, or take it with the possibility you didn't, I wound up deciding not to take it and see how the day goes

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Personally I would not take it. Risking a double dose would be worse than missing one in my estimation. I am not medically trained though but it makes sense to me. Also I suspect the info label in with your meds would not recommend you risking over dosing.

There may be some residue of yesterday's in your system anyway, not elequis though I suspect.

Could you perhaps buy a pill day by day box that way you can tell at a glance whether or not you have taken the days supply.

I know that feeling well!!!

I guess the only solution is to use a daily pill box. I use one for my Warfarin (Coumadin), but not for any of the other tablets which I keep beside my bed. Keep saying I must get another pill box, but to buy one when I'm out just goes from my head.

Another thing I've 'thought' of doing is writing the date I start a new pack of tablets on the front of pack. If only I could practise what I preach!

Think you have done the right thing by not risking taking a double dose.


I use one of these and find it invaluable


Oh dear - it is so easy to do. I also take Apixaban and I wouldn’t risk a double dose of it. Missing a dose of a beta blocker might make your heartrate faster (it did with me when I forgot), so I would be inclined to leave that alone too.

Each morning I put out my evening ration of tabs, and each evening my morning dose. But - who has perfect memory?

Try not to worry - it’s only one missed dose (perhaps).

The information given is leave taking it until next dose is due just in case. Also if a double dose is taken by mistake then to miss the next dose time out. Hope that makes sense.

Best wishes Ally

HI I set my alarm

On my mobile telephone 😄 !!!

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So do I. I set my phone alarm for so many things and use different ringtones for different things. Everything from thyroid meds to old reruns of "Murder, She Wrote." !🐱 😂 Take care. irina (and Columbo)

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Ditto! And I don't stop the alarm sounding until I've actually swallowed the tablets, just in case I switch it off and then get side-tracked and forget 😊

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That’s what I do 😄😄😄😄 have a nice day !!!

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I was with someone who did this recently. On occasions, his phone would quack like a duck! Other medication reminders had different tones. I take my medications all around the same time - thyroid medication just before breakfast and the rest just after. Not sure I would cope with taking different medications throughout the day.

I use the same as doodle68, and it is probably the only foolproof way to know where I am with medication. However, the box doesn't stop me forgetting to take them in the first place in spite of having two alarms on my phone - I get engrossed in other things and think 'in a minute'!

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Me too. Use a box and alarm but still forget sometimes.

I had trouble in remembering my medication so now I set the alarm on my mobile and do not turn it off until I have taken my tablets.

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That's what I do 😊

I use a pill box and Alexa pipes up twice a day to remind me!

I have Reminder alerts in my mobile phone - otherwise would never remember 😃

Just write the date on the box when you take it.

in reply to seasider18

Good idea !!!! 😄

I had exactly the same scenario last week,usually ok because i use a week to view pil box,but to cut a long story short,wasnt sure if id taken TWO apixaban,when I spoke to Dr he said do not take the usual dose later.If in doubt the other way round,he said best to just take next d!ose

This horse has bolted. I too use an alarm (on my fitbit) to remind me about the evening dose, the breakfast dose is not a problem for me to remember. However, I always use a permanent marker to write Mon Tue Wed etc. on the foil side of all the pill packagings, so I get an instant show once it has been opened and taken. That way, I will never risk taking the same one twice. Some brands of the bisoprolol come with the days already printed on.

I use an app called Medisafe. It reminds me when to take medication and I have to push the button to confirm I took it. Has been invaluable.

Also I take Pradaxa. (Dabigatran). I was told by pharmacy and doctor that you can not put this medication in a pill box.

Make sure you read your medication instructions to see if you can store the medicine in a pill box.

Rather than pill boxes I find that a very fine point permanent marker pen allows me to put the initial of the day of the week on the foil for each tablet (Th for Thursday and $ for Sunday.) with care you can also number the tablet eg M1 and M2 if required. Only has to be done once a fortnight and you will know for certain if you have missed one.

I have a pill box for my morning meds so know when I have missed them (very rare). In the evening I have an alarm at 18:00 and another at 18:10 on my Fitbit to remind me about my 5mg of Apixaban & 5mg of Bisoprolol. This is not foolproof, though, if I am not sat down eating at this time. I do occasionally miss my evening meds and this seems to affect my sleep - by which time it's too late :) .

I’ve been in this situation! Recommend you get a labelled daily dose box from the pharmacy/chemist which you fill up once each week. Don’t have to rely on memory then!

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I have sets of weekly boxes with morning and evening sections for each day. I usually fill them for 2 or 3 weeks ahead. I keep a record of the number of tablets remaining so that I can know when to renew the prescription online in good time.

This is why I set up my meds for the week. If I am not sure if I took meds I simply check my med set up and if its empty for am meds I am good to go. It only takes 15 minutes to do this weekly. We all have senior moments. Also its convenient if I am going somewhere for the day. I simply take that days container with me in my purse. Just a thought for you!!

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