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The day after Ablation

I had my ablation yesterday and i am alive and kicking, not high kicks but still kicking.

Procedure was over before i knew it..i opted for sedation. Apart from a minor hickup during the last bit where i was really sick it's so far been great. I'm sore today....feels like ive been at the gym and the wound is only slightly tender. Overall i feel better than i thought i would, just tired.

Maybe it hasn't hit me yet but so far its better than i expected. Heading home to rest now. Thanks.


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That's gd just chill n enjoy lol


I had mine done two weeks ago. I felt fine straight away, went back to work four days later (only because my wife insisted I should get some rest) and was in A&E seven days after the op. I’d overdone things, causing AF episodes and chest pains. Fortunately everything was fine and healthy (apart from an infection in the wound site) and after a few hours (and an X-ray, ECG, blood test and CT scan), my heart returned to NSR and I was discharged. It seems that the heart doesn’t take too kindly to being attacked with liquid nitrogen and resting is the best way to recover.

I’m having another AF episode whilst writing this, so I’m trying to relax. My resting HR had dropped from 120 to 80 so it seems to be working.

My surgeon told me that it takes several months to fully recover from a cryo ablation, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a few issues along the way.


Excellent news hutchie,take it easy now.... Xx


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