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Pain in shoulder during Ablation


Wow ok Ablation on weds was a success but no one warned me of the pain you get in your right shoulder and neck during it ouch that HURT!!!

Phew not quite sure how I got thru that but apparently it happens?

No changes to meds no additional meds

Pacemaker settings had to be reset as during the night it decided to pace continuously ventricularly that was not nice at all so lowered the threshold

My BP went thru the floor apparently they nearly‘lost’ me and were squeezing fluids into me I mean it was beeping and flashing not nice at all now I’m all bloated and swollen!!!

Each time they ablated my heart healed itself it took 4 1/2 hrs in the end they kept having to redo but eventually were able to leave it half hr and it worked yeah!! And my heart gave them spontaneous flutters so that helped to follow the pathway

According g to the dr they had a hard time keeping track as the flutter was all over the place dr said no wonder you felt so bad with it!! Nice to know I was not imagining it haha!!

But ide like thank everyone on this forum for your support and kind words it’s really helped and now just got to rest and let it all heal including the lump in the groin

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Glad it all went well and sorry I can't comment on any pain as all my procedures were done under GA. My EP told me he preferred to have an anaesthetist looking after me so he didn't need to worry.

Babyr1996 in reply to BobD

Ooo you were lucky!! They couldn’t give me anymore morphine cos my bp falling apparently I was very brave yo let them carry on they were thinking of stopping and having me back in under a GA instead but I said to carry on let’s get it done but it was the worse pain ever

Not very helpful I know, but it sounds like you experienced some unusual issues but got there in the end. The unpleasant bits will soon subside in the memory as you improve.....take it nice ‘n easy for as long as possible and the lump will gradually disappear......well done....

Sounds like you were very brave.

After my third ablation under sedation I had had enough of being aware of what was going on. I am a wimp however.

After that I had GA like Bob, I found it a much more acceptable experience. I agree with Bob, logic suggests that it is better for the EP to concentrate on his work whilst an Anaesthetist takes care of the patient’s wellbeing.

Hope it all settles down for you, in my experience a few days rest will make you feel all the better.


Babyr1996 in reply to pottypete1

Thanks pottypete1 appreciate that

I also had that same shoulder pain in both my ablations. In the first I groaned and more drugs were given so no more pain. In the second I had the same pain, groaned as before , more drugs given but unfortunately the pain was still there. No idea why......

Babyr1996 in reply to dedeottie

I asked Why they said because it’s the same nerve that runs from heart to neck and sometimes it happens nice to know I’m not on my own you can’t describe that pain can you? Oh boy it was bad I shed tears and surgeon went awe didn’t realise I made u cry she felt aweful bless her they couldn’t give me anymore pain relief as my bp went thru the floor they nearly ‘lost’ me cos of it they were antidoteing the heparin cos I have allergy and morphine sends my bp thru the floor machines were beeping and flashing and squeezing saline into me to raise my BP

So it wasn’t exactly plain sailing. As she ablated my heart healed it up and went straight back into flutter it took 4 1/2hrs in the end but she persevered and eventually it stayed ablated for the half hour in which case it was a complete success. From what I can gather the flutter took some chasing to follow the pathway. Well someone’s got to keep these consultants on their toes it might as well be me that 1 in a million patient. I knew I would be trouble cos that’s me!!

I think I would have been less worried about the shoulder pain if I had been warned it might happen. Hey ho, as you say, there is always one and it is usually me aswell!

All the best with your recovery. It will all have been worth it if it keeps the flutter/ AF at bay. X

Oh well done for getting through that! The pain sounds horrific - and parts of it must have been very scary. But thankfully it’s over now, and it will all have been worth it.

Here’s to healing up beautifully with no further complications or issues :) Rest up now x

Babyr1996 in reply to JaneFinn

Thanks janefinn

I Never Had Nerve Pain Before During Ablation I Would Rate The Pain a 8 or 9 but Short in Duration Down to 15 seconds as Dr Reduced Length of Ablation Time

Actually It Was Not as Bad as Back and Chest Discomfort From Lying There for 5.5 hours I'm 67 years Old and Have some Arthritis Lol.

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