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No AFIB but a broken toe today


All fine today, nice NSR only a few extra beats, was a great Saturday.

Yeah, until afternoon when I decided to ride my HD to the supermarket. Such a bugger ignored the red light and my only chance to avoid a collition was to lay the bike down.

235 kg is quite a bit but the bike came out with just a few scratches and a broken gear shift.

I had some pretty nasty abrasion and a fractured left big toe. Got 2 tetanus injection and its painful. Knowing that painkiller are not going along with Pradaxa, I bite my teeth and hope it will get better soon.

Have all a great weekend and may the force be with you.



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Oh no! Oh that doesn’t sound good at all, Thomas 😖 Glad the injury wasn’t even worse, though - and great news it didn’t put you into AF?

The pain doesn’t sound good! Paracetamol and codeine are the painkillers I’ve been told are safe with DOACs, but nothing stronger...

Sending very best wishes for a quick healing :) x


Sorry you are suffering but great that your heart has not joined in. Get better soon!

Blooming heck, here’s me fretting about getting back on skis and horses. Not at the same time. I’ve found your post and goldie11’s inspiring. Thank you 😊

You can take codiene and paracetamol the doctor can prescribe a higher strength than you can buy over the counter.

Hope it heals soon.

The pain of a broken toe is all out of proportion to its size, isn't it? I broke a toe and it was extremely painful for some weeks afterwards. Hope you heal well.

Your accident sounds truly horrendous. How are you now?

Speedy recovery wishes.

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