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Is anyone else not on meds? I was pregnant when diagnosed and refused the meds due to possible effects on the baby. It's been three years and I'm still not on meds. I am usually fine but I'm in a stressful marriage and homeschool four little ones. I don't experience any arrhythmia or flutters, but once I'm triggered (usually by narcissistic husband startling me out my sleep; I'm in a separate room but close enough to still be affected by noise; it doesn't happen all the time but I cannot get into a proper sleep rhythm since it is often disrupted), I'm in and out of AFib for at least two weeks and struggle with insomnia. I have lone AFib and other than a few lbs to lose, I'm in good health. My doctor doesn't think I need meds and believes I've been misdiagnosed. We tried monitoring but I am sensitive to the adhesive on the leads and cannot keep the monitor long enough for anything other pvcs to show up. She has recommended a loop recorder and then ablation. If you're not on meds, how do you manage the symptoms?

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I am not on any meds by choice. I have no other health problems other than Afib. I have one episode each month, I exercise daily, eat healthy, I meditate and do yoga to relax me along with a monthly massage. We are all different on how Afib effects us. Listen to your body and find a doctor you can work with. I wish you the very best,

brit1 in reply to Slattery

no anticoagulant? just curious.

Slattery in reply to brit1

No, I do not take a anticoagulant at this time.

That's great to hear! I'm joined a facebook support group and any posts that speaks against meds is deleted. You're absolutely right that each person has to do what's right for his/her own health. The responses are refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

I really feel for you, as I know how awful it feels not to sleep well. How you cope with four children, while feeling tired, stressed and to top it all have AF! Well, all I can say is I think you must be an amazing woman!

I'm one of the many people who hate taking pills. Oddly when I completely stopped my AF ones five months ago, my heart returned to normal rhythm and has been that way ever since. Taking pills is not always the right thing to do, but you don't want your heart to become enlarged by its wilder episodes. How long do your attacks last for?

I too am sensitive to the pads on heart monitors, so always have the ones for sensitive skin. Have you tried those?

We're all here for you and I'm sure a lot of us can identify with your situation. Lots of caring support here for you.

Best wishes


Thank you. I think my little ones (one with Asperger's) and my faith really help to push me. I recently learned about the ACE score which assesses the effects of childhood trauma on one's health and mental/emotional well-being. I really think that this may be the source of my lone AFib and the stress in my marriage continue to trigger those unhealed wounds. I've been able to overcome a lot and feel blessed that I can homeschool my little ones and keep them out of our bad school district. I'm happy to read that you're able to maintain NSR with no meds. I've been experimenting with my diet and I'm finding that limiting certain carbs (mainly wheat and rice--staples of my Central American diet) is making a difference. I tend to eat emotionally and it's hard to make permanent changes... As for monitoring, my doctor didn't mention the sensitive skin option. I'll ask about those, but may do the loop recorder procedure since insurance is changing and I know they'll at least cover it now. Again, your response means a lot. No one takes you seriously with AFib in your 30's. I'm grateful for this forum!

I'll always be grateful to this forum too. I've learnt more here, than from any doctors. Members of this site understand exactly how it feels to have AF and how life changing it can be. You're right when you say no one takes you seriously with this condition, but members here will.



I am similar to Jean i don't take any meds other than anti coag and doxazosin for very high blood pressure. I don't tolerate any of the drugs well and some make my QOL awful.

I was taking losartan when my AFib started and i had monthly trips to A&E for 6 months then i stopped the losartan because of the side effects and that was 4 months ago and I've not had an episode of AFib since!!

Ps i home educated my 2 daughters and they are now grown up in their 20's x

jeanjeannie50 in reply to Hidden

Yes Scoobisu, I still take an anti coag too and also a pill to help my thyroid function after it was damaged by Amiodarone. In my opinion, pills can both help and harm and if at all possible I'd rather not take them. Each to our own decision on what to do for the best.

Glad to hear you're doing well.


I had an ablation last year at this time and have not been on meds since last March. I have had very few instances of A fib since then, but had some issues recently after a vacation where I had alcohol every day. My doctor had given me a pill in pocket to use that is a blood pressure drug that works for A fib as well and I have used it couple of times after my vacation. I am now getting back to basics and cutting my alcohol down to none except for social occasions. I run five miles twice a week and am in pretty good shape. Recently, large evening meals have actually been the trigger on my A fib and I have now cut those down. I have the Kardia app on my iPhone and monitor every morning and every evening. Bottom line, I don't want to be on any drugs unless i have to. I am fortunate that my ablation improved my persistent A fib to just an occasional episode at this point. I fully expect that it may get worse in the future, but i will deal with that when it happens.

Wow! That's awesome to hear. I was worried that I'd be placed on meds post ablation. Great to know and I hope all continues to go well for you. I would just like to be able to exercise again without worrying about palpitations and flutters. Yes, I find that large meals trigger me as well. I guess I have to give up emotional eating--only good things can result from this :) I'm with you, I'd rather try to do it without drugs. Thank you for your reply.

I'm 74, diagnosed with PAF four years ago. I do not take any beta blockers or anti-arrhythmics for my afib, just Apixaban as anti-coagulant. When first diagnosed I was prescribed beta blocker that I found left me tired and dizzy, so I stopped taking it after about a week. BTW my EP also has afib and does not take rate or rhythm drugs either.

Seems you're in great hands. My doctor is wonderful and similar to yours! The first one told me I'd be dead and leave my children if I didn't take the meds. I guess he was wrong... Most docs push meds, so it's refreshing to hear about those who don't. Thanks for sharing and I hope all continues to go well for you. Per the advice of my doctor, I do take a baby aspirin periodically. It does give a little peace of mind when I begin to stress about the risk of blood clots

Thank you so much. I'll research those medication. I was prescribed metoprolol and could not risk the side effects.

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