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Had a strange experience today?

Hello all I had a very strange thing happen to me today I had a weird pain in the middle left of my neck/throat. Which made me put my fingers on and I pressed but at that point I felt a strange head rush. Which as soon as I released it, just left a slight dizzy feeling but I have an ache in that spot on the neck still as if I have strained it?

Any ideas? My INR is 2.8 With a range of 2.5 to 3.5 3.0 ideal so I would not of thought a clot was the problem? I have had a long term headache since my bike ride at hospital. They seem to think that is either my back/neck arthritis or a bad migraine? Last time I had anything like this was when I had an angina attack but that was in the middle of my throat and affected my breathing with a few other pains in different places? This is specific to one spot?

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You know Offcut, I think you should telephone your surgery and have a talk with someone re this, especially as it has left an ache in your neck now. It will put your mind at rest.



I am seeing heart consultant tomorrow.


Was that an already booked appointment? I sometimes get the head rush feeling and just when I think I'm on the point of passing out it passes. Do you still have the neck ache?


Yes in a very specific spot as if I have been bit?


Hi Offcut. It soinds like something might be resting on a nerve or a strain in that area which has been pulled. It's only us with AF who think everything is clots or heart related.

As have said before I am not the doctor speaking, but get it checked out with health pro.


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It was the head rush that got me uppity. I am seeing consultant tomorrow but it just seem to come from nowhere.


Vagus nerve is a thought but good idea to be checked out. Hope it all goes well for you, keep us updated.Best wishes CD


They can use an external hand held monitor to rule out a clot. I had a clot diagnosed in my leg late in 2001 by a specialist using one. Either way get checked out fully.


Insist in it

It's only you who knows how your body felt.


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