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Small"ish" hard lump under insertion site....normal?

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8/9 days post ablation for AFib and Flutter; the insertion site looks clean and well healed and the bruising has reduced dramatically.

I have, however, noticed a hard lump under the skin at the insertion site. It may have been there all along although I don't remember feeling it when I was putting pressure on a bleed after my stitch was removed.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yep....just keep an eye on it to make sure it does not become inflamed or painful to the touch....

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ijan in reply to FlapJack

Thanks for the reassurance.

Hi there don’t worry yes it’s normal it’s a one way disposable valve to help the wound not bleed . It will slowly disappear over the next few weeks .

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ijan in reply to waltonlass

Not sure about the valve- I only noticed it a couple of days ago- area was soft and flat when I left hospital and for a few days after.

Maybe it feels harder as it breaks down?

Yes, I had it and was convinced something had been left behind from the operation. Went to my GP who said it was normal. Went to A&E on the advice of a nurse friend and they said all normal. It did go and when I next saw my EP he apologised and said it was a haematoma (blood clot). It disappeared after a few weeks.


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ijan in reply to jeanjeannie50

Thanks Jean. Always reassuring to know others have experienced something similar.

Yes I had same thing after my EP study, came up out of nowhere seemingly, all normal I was told. Keep the area well cared for, it will disappear in time. Any concerns though or you think things aren't quite right ask you GP or arrhythmia nurse if you have one. Feel better soon.

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ijan in reply to meadfoot

Thankyou. Sounds just like mine.


Same here, it disappeared after a few weeks...

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ijan in reply to checkmypulse

Thanks, reassuring to know I'm not alone. Did you do anything to help it go away (Ice, massage), or just forget abpout it?

I didn't forget about it, kept checking just in case, but it gradually became smaller and went.

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ijan in reply to checkmypulse

Good advice, I'll be doing the same!



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