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Big thank you

Hi it’s Pabba. Just want to say big thank you to everyone who replied to my post on Latest meds. I was pretty much overwhelmed by the fantastic response and everyone’s advice was gratefully received. Somehow it’s comforting to realise that, Hey, your not the only one suffering with this thing, in fact judging by your postings I should be grateful as many of you are worse off than me. I’m 71 now and had my first tachycardia attack at 30. Since then it changed to paroxysmal AF and now a permanent arrhythmia, More like PVC’s with extra ectopics thrown in. I have always been a thin and fit person and yet have had three stents fitted for main stem occlusions greater than 75%. I have been on just about every beta blocker known to man and I have come to this conclusion. I am not a religious person and yet have come to believe that there is some kind of a master plan going on here, Destiny, fate, whatever we call it. What will be, will be and sorry but there is nothing you can do to change that. However, we must never give up hope for without that there is no point in carrying on. I wish all of you lovely people all the very best and good luck with all you’re endeavours. Thank you. Pabba.

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