A big Thank you

A big Thank you

I wonder if you realise how comforting it is to be able to put my ipad on in the morning and read these blogs, and know that we are amongst friends who know how we feel and what we are experiencing and to be reassured about our condition. i have had Af for 4 years and for the first 12 months felt frightened and quite alone, wrote my will and wondered what my future would be if I had one, I could not talk to my husband and sons as I did not want to worry them. 4 years on I am much calmer, and I believe A forum like this is a real God send. Thought I would tell you how appreciated you all arexx Beth

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  • I agree with you Beth, it can be hard to come to terms with the diagnosis of AF, then you read all the blogs and think, oh well I'm not the only one, as you say a great comfort. Wendy.

  • Thank you very much for your kind words Beth and Wendy.

    We are constantly trying to reach out to people with AF. An online forum like this is proving to be one of the most effective ways.

    Please keep us posted with feedback - what you think works and what we could improve on.

    Many thanks


    AF Association

  • Beth and Wendy,

    Thank you for the comments. That is the exact purpose we do this. To help shed light on this ugly problem, let you know that you are not alone and help you get through it. An AF attack is a very frightening experience and then to find out you have a heart problem just complicates it. Education about this disorder, it's symptoms and treatments is the key to overcoming that fear and getting on the right track to treatment. One thing I do see different in this forum is that there are actually many who truly care about those asking questions here.

    Again, Thank You!


  • Beth and Wendy, you just made my day worth while. When I started my AF journey in 2004 AFA wasn't even a thought in Trudie's mind and there was nothing out there in the way of information and support. I was so frightened and scared like you that I vowed then that should I ever find a way of stopping others from feeling that way I would take it and when AFA came along in 2007 I jumped aboard. Even though I don't get AF any more thanks to three ablations I still remember it and know that there is still a chance it may return one day so in that way will never forget the need for help. Sometimes just knowing that you can make a difference can lift one on down days which we all get for whatever reason. I have made some wonderful friends through both this and the main AFA yahoo forum and will forever be grateful to Trudie , Jo and the rest of the AF gang for what they have done.


  • I too want to add my sincere thanks to you all for the warm hearted, caring responses to all of us,those who are recently diagnosed and plain scared! You have calmed my fears to a large extent, so I can face my first cardio visit next Tuesday with a little more confidence.I just thank the day I found the AFA forum. Thank you all, Jan

  • I too would like to thank everyone at AF Forum and all the comments made by fellow sufferers. I am seeing a cardiac specialist early in July at QE Hospital with view to having ablation and I feel more confident after reading your comments and suggestions. Thank you all. Sheila.

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