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Sharp pains in head


Am not usually a headachey sort of person although have been getting a few lately. Last night I experienced two very sharp pains to the right hand side of my head, rather like someone hammering a nail in. I was also woken up with a sharp pain in the early hours of this morning.

I take Pradaxa and Felodipine for my heart and wonder if others taking these drugs have had the same sensations.


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Hi Di I have been a experiencing the same symptoms you describe for a few years now (same side of head) before I was diagnosed with AF in 2014. I also suffer with the occasional headache. I did have an MRI scan & results did show some vascular changes, which i was advised is quite common in the ageing process (I was 61 at the time). The only medication I am on is Apixiban, which was prescribed in October when I turned 65, so I cannot blame that on my head pains, which I still suffer from time to time. As with any new condition, if they continue, I feel it’s best to get them checked out. I do hope yours was a one off. I would be interested to hear how you get on if you get yours investigated.

Best wishes


Hylda in reply to heartmatters1

Thanks Ally, will keep you informed. I’m 74 so I expect everything is collapsing xx

I am on Apixaban....for two years to date. Began to get headaches ....stabbing pains.... in Dec. out of the blue....on top of head,side of head,,,,,various types of ache and stab. pains. went to my GP after three weeks...I had kept a log... who asked a lot of questions and suggested stress! I say it is not stress.I had them during the day.Now two months on I am getting far fewer.Ido not know what caused them.

I have a husband with a man cold, I suppose that’s stressful.


Hey! Man colds are different; they are happening in a man! Chiropractors are often overlooked for headache solutions when in fact they are the best choice. My wife has had headaches for years and it has only been after she finally has had chiropractic adjustments that her headaches have subsided significantly. At least now she is not popping Advil all the time. Since you have AF, you could have spine issues. Look at my comment in the post above titled "Afib no cure".

Hylda in reply to EngMac

Will do

Afib no cure

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