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SVT stooped after lying on my right side

Hi all

Been almost 4 weeks since my AFIB ablation and still get daily what I think is SVT. Tried contacting the cardiologist secretary for advice but she says must come theough GP. GP says go to A&E but each time I go after 3 hours it stops before ECG. My GP has now written to my cardiologist through secretary yesterday and waiting to hear. My rate is usually over 200 bpm with mild chest pain and haven’t been able to get back to work. Anyway thats a bit of background. But some good news. I have a list of things from the internet that I try to stop it e.g.

drink fizzy juice backwards

Lie on right side curled up head down

Hold your nose, close your mouth and exhale hard

Blowing into a straw or ur finger


Putting finger down throat to gag

Relax breathing

And for the 1st time ever it stopped after 15 minutes with lying on my right side curled up head down for a few minutes

What a relief ! Thought I’d post in case it helps someone else although many will likely have similar lists !

Elsie xx

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Interesting post Elsie. I'll certainly try your recommendations for stopping AF. A lot of us with AF are unable to lay on our left hand side in bed. I've tried a few times but it has always kicked off AF.


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That's interesting Elsie, I may try some of the things on your list. I couldn't lie on my left side until I had cardioversion, and occasionally still have problems. I see jeanjeanie has same problem. Hope you hear from your cardiologist soon. Jean

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