Just diagnosed on Thursday with Afib after second cardiac ablation for SVT

I had my second ablation for SVT on Thursday and have been diagnosed with AF among other things. I also have an autoimmune disease, liver disease (NASH) and a few other things. The Cardio now wants to put me on Flecainide and Diltiazem. I go back to see him on the 2nd where we will have the discussion again (I have a reprieve at the moment) about going on these drugs. I am not keen to go on flecainide after reading the side effects especially in relation to people with liver disease. Just wondered what others experiences have been with these drugs. I would appreciate any input

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  • Flecainide gives me palpitations, tried it twice 10 years apart, same both times. But I think it works well for many others. Koll

  • Thanks Koll. I already have those hahaha I am a bit freaked by both meds as they both seem a bit evil in their side effects, not sure I could work full time and manage those sort of effects

  • I've tried quite a few. Only Flecainide gave me palpitations, Propafenone worked but gave me weird side effects that I couldn't cope with. But now on Disopyramide which is working great (for me) and I just feel normal. So my point is, the drug for you may be out there but if your situation is anything like mine, you have to ask for a change otherwise they just assume you're coping and leave things as they are.

    Love your username :-)

  • I was on Isoptin SR 180mg for a while before the ablation but it didn't seem to do anything. I am not one to sit quietly back so no worries there about ringing up and letting them know.

    Haha thanks we have interesting emails in my family

  • It is working for me but at quite a high dose and I'm not sure how keen I would be with an existing liver problem. What does your doctor say about that though. It sounds like you have more than your fair share to deal with.x

  • Thanks for your feedback. Dr prescribed it after the ablation while I was in hospital and I told them no I won't take anything without having all the facts discussed, both him and me, so we are having the discussion on the 2nd. I have multiple allergies to many drugs, I am on others for my autoimmune disease so also have to be careful of interactions with them. He may have to rethink I am not keen to take any more drugs anyway. I am also going to discuss with my GP too.

  • Good for you. We certainly have to learn how to be assertive don't we?! X

  • Ah I have had years of practice with my other ailments. Also keeping a very good sense of humour is a must.

  • It's not clear to me why it is suggested we take flecainide on a daily basis. I've taken it for over 3 years - 100mg twice a day, increased to 150mg when AF started up again and became more frequent. I have at least two side effects - numb feet and a diminished sense of taste - but they are not a huge problem, and better than having life blighted by AF. But how often would I have had bouts of AF without the flec?

    Following my ablation 2 months ago, I am now down to 50mg of flecainide twice a day and I am really pleased because I believe I'd to be able to zap AF with a good pill-in-the-pocket dose. I had little scope for this when I was on 300mg a day and an extra 50mg didn't seem very effective. I believe you can't take more than 400mg in 24 hours.

    I know quite a few of us have flecainide in reserve for use only when required and this might be seen as a way forward for you, Somesmother, rather than taking it all the time.

    It may be that the Cardio wants you to take flecainide just for three months after the ablation and hopes you won't need it permanently.

  • Thanks Rellim296. I am not sure what dosage he is thinking but I got the impression permanently, not too happy about that option. I am also flying to the states mid June so would not really want to start any toxic drugs just before going. Gee, up until Thursday all I had was SVT!!! How things change. I had no idea I had AF as well as the SVT and have no idea what the difference is as far as racing heart and palpitations. I am in the dark on that one so wouldn't know the difference if I had an attack of it.

  • Hi

    I have been on Diltiazem for at least 5 years and have had no side effects from it at all. I couldnt take flecanide.


  • Thanks Eileen. My GP was worried about asthma as a side effect for me, but cardiologist wants to use it so I will have to just go with it.

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