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Persistent AFib with low ejection fraction of 20%


My husband age 52 was diagnosed with peristent afib 6 months ago. He has been cardioverted two times with amnioderone. He is on eliquis and on blood thinners. He had an ablation yesterday and the dr. said it was not successful. He will be in permanent afib the rest of his life. He said his heart was in bad shape dialated and weak. He said that possibly a virus attacked his heart but he is not sure. He said he recommends continued meds and a defibrilator. This will take place march 22. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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unusual and of some concernwith no simple answer, but keeping the heart fit and weight under control



I am so sorry to hear of your husbands condition. If you join the British Heart Foundation on HU then you’ll find more people in a similar situation. Several have had ICDs to help with heart failure and have lived the experience for years and managed the condition so they can and will provide the practical information you need and also hope and encouragement.

Take care.


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Hi Tuttie

I have seen a few similar posts over the years - by similar experience I am assuming you mean insertion of ICD. If you put into search you may find some threads about it - I know it has been mentioned before.

My understanding is that quite a few people on this forum are in persistent and permanent AF - which in itself can cause dilation of the atria. Many live a fairly normal life for many years.

It does sound as if this news is a shock for you and your husband and it may take some time to absorp the information, learn more about the prognosis and adjust to your change of circumstance.

I think we all wish you well and hope we can be supportive if we can.

Very best wishes CD

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There have been recent threads but the search engine doesn't seem to work very well.


Glad you said that because I thought there had been more recent chat about - only thing I can think of is that if the heading didn’t contain ICD nor in the original post - then of course the search engine wouldn’t pick it up.


I just checked and most of those posts are a few years old but this may be of interest



Tuttle4 - if you didn’t catch it - there was a very interesting Radio4 programme called The Skipped Beat this morning - you may get it on Podcast - it does explain ICD and what it does and why it may be necessary.


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