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Post Ablation Day 5

Well just to update.

After having a successful ablation and feeling extra good on the day operation, I have headed south.

Day 2 - low then high blood pressure - low then high stable / unstable heart rate - fainting whilst laying - was not allowed to leave hospital.

Day 3 - Felt better and did not have the symptoms of th day before, or at least not as bad as the day before so I left for the 5 hour drive home. Felt like crap but that was to be expected.

Day 4 - low then high blood pressure - low then high stable / unstable heart rate - didnt faint but still not good. Blood Pressure generally low now with unstable low heart rate.

Day 5 - unable to stand, the heart rate and blood pressure are still low - no access to cardiologist he is 2 hours away - no GP - country areas are bad for that sort of help if this keeps up it will be the hospital. I am still very positive that this is just a hiccup and that all will come good, just hope it is sooner then later.

Shirleygirl and Bod - FYI husband still cannot cook, baked beans on toast has an effect that can be used as revenge. And as for the retrain comment lets just say it is easier to put up with what I have rather then retrain a younger version - too old and too lazy :)

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Hey Soozie

Don't be too concerned - I'm into my 10th month since ablation - it gave me curry for some time after but slowly startled to settle.

I was really worried about the crazy things I was feeling - but it was only the old ticker reacting to having things shoved into it.

Keep an eye on it but I'm certain it will settle.



Thanks Brian, I do have that wait and see attitude, I honestly believe this has worked despite that bad stuff, but my daughter is a HDU nurse, and everything and I do mean EVERYTHING has something bad happening.

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Hi Soozie!

What a downer and I can just imagine how demoralising it must be! I am on day 7 and if my only complaints are shortness of breath and palsied fingers (I am an artisan, so this latter really affects me) then I should be grateful. I have a pacemaker as well which may be why my pulse is remaining so constant. Those who are experienced in these matters say that it takes up to a few months for things to settle and the heart to completely heal and adjust. So, here's hoping that your symptoms will abate soon.


Thanks Jossi, it keeps me from babysitting only, I can surf the net and be waited on hand and foot, although the waiter reminds me of Manuel. I hope your palsied fingers come good. I am not demoralised, just a wee upset that from a great start I have succumbed to this bloody hiccup.


Hi Soozie, still sounds pretty normal to me. Hang in there as they say. Maybe Wiltshire Farm foods may make a welcome change to beans on toast. (NOTE other ready meals can be delivered). We all react differently to the procedure and it really is very early days yet. Worry in a month or two if it persists but for now relax.



Bob, what part of revenge for the beans on toast did you not get :) bloody Aussies have a sick sense of justice.


OH I was well ahead of you there! I find chicken shashlick with onion bhaji is best for me. LOL


Home made pea and ham soup, now that IS awesome, thanks for the laugh


Oh! I dunno.......a vindaloo has a lot to say for itself as well! Soozie, I have a husband who considers opening a can sufficient unto the day!

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Oh dear, one would think at our age we would be past the school kid role of trying to outdo or gross out. However you are right I love a good laugh and there needs to be more. We had an advertisment here once that ended and beanz meanz farts.



You will feel all sorts of sensations for many weeks yet...Like Bob says this is to be expected..Just 10 weeks post ablation myself, now and five steps forward and one step backwards now compared to two steps forward and two steps backwards in the first weeks....Better to lay off the baked beans though!!!

Carol ...


Thanks Carol, the more I get from here the less worried I become. And if my waiter can only cook beans then he is in for the rough time.


Soozie, if it's humour you want and apropos of our situations.....Last Thursday (3 days post Ablation) I went into London. Perhaps a little foolhardy but needs must. My husband was having an angiogram at St. Thomas's so I surprised him with a visit, as it was on my way back to the station anyway. My feet were killing me, so I kicked off one of my uncharacteristically feminine black ankle boots with the heel and let it lie where it was, on the floor by his bed. A new nurse came in to check his BP etc. , spotted the lone lady's shoe on its side on the floor and said, somewhat crisply "Where has this shoe come from?" To which I responded, quick as a flash "Oh! I guess my husband didn't tell you that he is actually a one-legged transvestite!" Well, to give her full credit, she laughed heartily, and so did we all! There is nothing like a bit of corny humour to remedy an otherwise potentially tetchy situation!

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Ho Soozie, sorry you are experiencing a few ups and downs as it were

it must have brought you back down to earth especially as you started

so well. But you had been warned so best settle yourself down and lie

back, think of england, no your next plate of, no wont say it. It did

make me think of someone who always put extra tomato sauce when heating

her beans and cheese is nice too, also on spaggetti. So there you are hubbies

food will never be the same again. Talking of beans my favourites are


This made me smile, my eldest daughter is a teacher.and the other day

she took a class of pre school children and didnt know their names.

She went round each one asking them and came to a small boy, who had

his hand up, now then sweetheart what do you want, oh no my name is

not sweetheart its Oliver.

Hope things settle down soon. Shirley.


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