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Chinese Herbs and acupunture

I came across some journal that found Shensongyangxin and also Wenxim Keli were likely effective in reducing incidents of a fib. Articles were 2010 and 2013. I was wondering if there were any more recent articles and if others have tried either of these herbs? If so, where can they be purchased safely?

Also found a journal article of a study documenting reduction in A fib episodes compared to control group using specific acupuncture points. Wondering if others have used acupuncture and what the results have been?

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In my early days after diagnosis of AF I tried acupuncture but it didn't work. Changing my food intake over time did.


I will give you my own personal experience with Chinese Herbalism and Acupuncture.

This is my own experience and I was diagnosed with AF 34 years ago.

The initial medical report...resting heart rate 120bpm, elevated blood pressure, enlarge left ventricle and a good candidate for a stroke.

I went for a reversal..lasted 24hours in proper rhythm, went back straight into AF and my cardiologist at the time prescribed me Digoxin and Warfin.

After 2 months on the medication, I went back to the cardiologist and asked to be given something different for AF...as this was the 80's and beat blockers were just new, he was very weary.

So I stayed on the original meds for another month.

I again asked him about getting me off my meds...he mentioned the risks I would be taking..high increase in stroke..all that.

He introduced to a Professor of Chinese Herbal medicine who was undertaking adjunct lessons and introducing herbal medicine at the Universal Medical School.

I went to see the herbalist..he prescribed me Chinese herbs, which I cooked up and took for a period of over 12 months.

At the end of this 12month period, my resting heart rate was 70-80 bpm, with normal blood pressure...but I still had an irregular heart beat.

I was not taking any pharmaceuticals at any time whilst undertaking the Chinese herbs.

The Chinese herbalist then prescribed Ubiquinol (CO Enzyme Q10) once 75mg a day and I have been on this supplementary vitamin for 32years.

In the early 80's ,CO Enzyme Q10 was in its early infancy and was denounced by many in the medical profession and still some to this day.

Heart rate 70-80btm..irregular heart rate..normal blood pressure for my age...now 59.

Acupuncture.. I visited an acupuncturist whilst I was on holidays, at the end of my 5 visits, my heart rate resting 60bpm..normal blood pressure...and 2 abnormal heart beats!...plus my pulse was much stronger.

I will start up a regular once a fortnight visit for a decent period of time and see where that leads too.

My AF is not as chronic as many that I have read about in the forum..I do not get palpitations nor many of the other symptoms...I have been lucky...really I have an irregular heart rate..I live with it..

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great news! Are you still taking chinese herbs? Do you know what they were? Are you on blood thinners or anti-arythmia drugs?


No, the herbs were for a 12 month period and they worked in getting my resting heart rate down from 122bpm to 80bpm.

I take 150mg capsule of ubiquinol with one meal a day, I have been taking ubiquinol for over 30 years. I still have an irregular heart rate..

I’ve been getting some acupuncture and it has been helping with reducing the irregular heart beats.

So I go for a fortnight 1 hour session..so far better half who is a nurse takes my pulse..noticed no irregular beats last week.

I’m not saying I’m cured of AF..I probably never will be..I live AF and will not allow it to dictate my life style.

Each any every person has a different approach to their AF and good luck to them.

I’m just a bit different, I suppose..


Thank you!


My advice would be - be very, very careful- my personal experience with Chinese medicine has in the past been very good, got my blood pressure down enough to stop taking any meds at one time. I gave it a go more recently to see if it would help with side effects of some of the meds I take now. Result was a ‘big’ AF episode that lasted on and off much longer than anything before. You really need to know exactly what herbs go into your medicine, check for English translation and research each of them to ensure there’s nothing in there that might trigger an episode or conflict with the meds you take. That said I know there are people who have had success with the Chinese herbal approach but you do need to be aware of what’s going into your little bag of herbs.



I know it's so tricky. Unfortunately, most of the doctors either don't ready the studies or just say they know nothing about it!


I have vagal afib, only happened when I was sleeping. I also found Shenaongyangxin Capsule interesting as it is said it doesn’t have so much side effects. So I managed to get a friend to bring a few boxes from China to the US for me. I started to take it few days ago. On the package it says take 2 to 3 capsules three times a day, and since I only get afib when sleeping, I am trying to only take 2 capsules before bed. Today is my fourth day taking it. Haven’t feel any different yet, and didn’t feel any side effect. My last episode was 105 days from the previous one. I’ll see if I can have longer time free of afib by taking Shensongyanxin capsule.

BTW, I don’t take any daily med for afib but have PIP just in case. So right now I only have Shensongyangxin as my daily med. it should be easier to see if it works as there’s no conflicts.


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