Bisoprolol versus pacemaker

7 years ago I was diagnosed with a fib which apparently led to heart failure. Whilst in hospital I was also found to have tachy/Brady syndrome so had a pacemaker fitted. When released from hospital I felt a lot better but was slightly breathless when walking distances or upstairs. Over the years this has got gradually worse and I was wondering whether it could be the bisoprolol countering the pacemaker and vice versa, I am on 10 mg a day which I take at 6 pm. I do appear to get fitter later in the day when the drug should be wearing off. I wonder if others had experienced the same.

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  • I've got heart failure and had a icd fitted n on 10 mg of bisoprol I feel brill at mo do after have a little power nap lol

  • Thanks Wodney, glad to hear you are doing well. I only asked the question as I heard that Bisoprolol can make you breathless and I have no other symptoms of worsening heart failure, swollen ankles, trouble sleeping etc.

  • I've had no Probs on bisoprol I take mine in a morn though bout 9ish

  • Must be something else then. How long have you been on bisoprolol?

  • I don't take it but have seen loads of posts on here saying it makes them very tired etc- I think you will get some advice from the others soon!!

  • I don't have a pacemaker but Bisoprolol does make me breathless and I have to slow down when walking up a slight incline as it feels like the blood is not reaching my legs.

  • I have been on bisoprolol for 9 months, initially 5mgs in morning. I slept for 11/12 hours at night and had daytime naps. Split the dose to 2.5 am and 2.5 pm - no effect. Now reduced to 2.5 am and 1.25 pm with marginal effect. Am having virtually permanent mild to moderate headaches and have had obvious culprits ruled out via tests; GP clearly more worried by headaches than anything else going on so am seeing neuro consult next week. Only tentative opinion re headaches is that my body has had a battering and needs to recuperate via sleep. I'm not sure now what alternatives are to bisoprolol - my resting pulse about 60 and I've been in permanent AF since onset last July. Other point GP made is medics less worried about permanent AF than intermittent. Hope some of this useful to Droopy60 - any comment on anything here would be most welcome.

  • Hello. Could anyone please explain why permanent Af is considered less worrying than intermittent Af? Am confused by this - sorry if it turns out to be an obvious reason and I ve missed it! 😊

  • By intermittent you must mean paroxysmal. Although I don't have the literature handy of the site, I do remember reading that when the body converts from sinus rhythm to atrial fibrillation and back to sinus, there is a greater chance of having a stroke at the conversion time. I am not an MD but I guess the electrical disturbance of back and forth may cause a piece of a clot to break away and go to the brain. Please verify via research since I do not want to give incorrect information, but so far no one else has offered an explanation.

  • Thank you cuore for your reply, and yes that makes sense. It's a scary mystery this Af life we lead eh? 😊

  • Stay with Bisoprosol After many years now suffering with AF I have so many combinations of cardiac latest is long and varied but Bisoprosol is still on it. I am sure this tablet IS beneficial! HAve an AF free Easter!

  • Thank you for all of your comments, it's refreshing to know that there are others out there who are going through the same as you. I have a medication review soon so will ask if I can now reduce the bisoprolol as the pacemaker is regulating the heart rate.

  • Could you ask if it would be beneficial to split the bisoprolol dose into two, thus taking half at 12hr intervals?

  • Worth a go, I will ask.

  • Split the dose - half at 9am and half at 9pm. Taking the whole lot at once is a bit hit for the body

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