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2 months post ablation

I have been doing good since ablation except one week after I stopped rythmol I had an irregular pulse for about 30 minutes then epigastric pain after with some nausea. I did wean off the rythmol as Bob suggested. Was fine after that but yesterday lots of ectopics so I just rest most of the day. Thanks to all the wonderful support here I did not stress out just rest most of the day and by evening they stopped. Thank you all. I love all the experience and advice here. Merry Christmas and afib free New year to all.

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Well done Don;t forget the slow deep breathing. Have a great Christmas.


Thank you Bob. You always have the best advice.


Bobd, were can I find your post of post ablation and what to do like weeding off ruthmol and breathing advise? Thanks


If you search top right for Breathing exercise you should find it. I have written a "Recovering from Ablation" fact sheet but this still has to be approved by the medical team before publishing.

A very historic post from me explained that when I came off my drugs I did it gradually rather than cold turkey., Nothing scientific just cutting down the dose over several weeks.


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