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Re - do Ablation for 2018

Sort of knew this was coming ! I had Cryoablation in Feb this year ( for vagal AF) thought all was settling as the months were progressing until last 3 months when symptoms began reappearing more noticeably.

Have had a brief trial of Sotalol in last couple of weeks which really didn't suit me making both my IBS and therefore arrhythmias very unpleasant again.

Did take Bisoporol 1.25mg for a month prior to Sotalol which was ok but the Sotalol has upset me as above - will restart Bisoporol when IBS / vagus calms a bit. I'll obviously continue on with the Edoxaban.

Feel fed up and just hope this 're do ' will be the 'making ' of me ! Want that feel good back asap ! Cathy

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Sorry to read that Cathy but feel sure that all will be well in time. AF is along journey for sure but it is important to enjoy the view along the way and not get too bogged down. Try to rise above it and get on with your life regardless. A positive attitude is SO important.


Bless you for that Bob - at least now I know there's a plan. I really do not get on with the horrible drugs so no choice.

This time last year I was waiting for the cryo ablation date this year it's a re-do date ! 😱 Cathy


Hi Cathy , sorry to hear about your set back 😕 I hope your next ablation is successful and you are back to your self ❤️👌🏼

If you don’t mind me asking , how did they diagnose you with vagal AF ? I ask this because I am convinced I have Vagal rhythm problems myself . It eased up after my ablation procedure 3 months ago for a few weeks then now it’s back to ectopic beats after meals and drinks , When I move in certain ways it does the same thing . Hope you don’t mind me asking about it as I have my appointment on the 22nd for my follow up and think maybe the blockers may make things worse for vagal problems , just something I have read on here and looked into . Any feedback would be great x

Best wishes

Sam 💖


Hi Sam thanks for your kind thoughts.

Like you I feel the beta blockers do in some way aggravate my digestion and like you after food.

Look back at my previous posts you'll see how I've always been convinced mine is vagally triggered predominantly - then it becomes a viscous circle as the anxiety kicks in - I do think the beta blocker reduces some of the anxiety.

Hope your follow up on 22nd goes well Sam. Cathy


Aww thank you 😊 and I will have a peek at your posts Cathy 👍🏼 good luck with your ablation and I will look out for your recovery and future posts 💖 I really hope it works this time xx


Make sure you get a cat scan before your second ablation!


Oh I've not heard about needing a cat scan before further ablations - why is this Eliza2 ?


Eliza talks about this in one of her threads. BobD said he had one.


Because your veins could be in stenosis after the first one even without symptoms. I never knew I had the pulmonary vein stenosis until after my third since I was never tested for it. Just had an annoying cough and felt sob climbing stairs. Many EPS do the scan before each ablation as protocol mine obviously did not and he was one of the good ones with a great reputation.


Eliza2 - thankyou - now I understand I will find out if this is a standard investigation at my cardiology dep't prior to subsequent ablations - thankyou again - i will also have a look back at your previous threads as advised by Badger25. Best wishes Cathy


How was your AF diagnosed as vegal?


Hi cuore - I've never had an official medical diagnosis of Vagally mediated AF - but my consultant noted that I had ongoing IBS in my notes and I've always been listened to when I report to them and my GP that my biggest trigger is when I've eaten/ exercising after eating / bloating or colic with my IBS. It's very much a case of ' Happy gut Happy Heart with me '



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