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Should I go ahead with ablation


I have been having af for about 2 years now with each episode getting wrose than the previous one. I started to get them every three months. I went into hospital last August for 3 days and they put me on to another tablet Digoxin. I was already taking apixaban and sotalol. Since then I have not had any major episodes. My tiredness from the medication ha's now decreased. I feel good . The thing is I requested an ablation when I was last in hospital but now wonder should I go ahead with it.

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Ablation will not solve your AF but it should have an impact on the frequency and intensity of your symptoms.

If these are reduced in frequency or still allow you to maintain a quality of life when they present and/or resolve on their own it might be worth holding off on the ablation.

For me personally they were intense, debilitating, and appearing regularly even through high levels of medication. They also only went away through DC cardioversion which was only ever a temporary fix not a long term solution.

Assuming you are in the UK, you may be on the waiting list for ablation for up to 12 months, occasionally more. Plenty of time to inform yourself about all the lifestyle changes which can reduce the frequency and duration of your AF significantly. You can always decline your place later, though you will likely go to the bottom of the list if you subsequently change your mind.


Yes, it may be unwise to remove yourself from a long waiting list. Best to wait until you are at the top and decide then.

This is my current dilemma.I have finally almost reached the top of ablation list after 10 months.Apart from a short run of AF at Xmas,which was unsurprising at the time..upheaval at home and away... I have significantly improved in intensity and frequency.I have been able (under medical supervision,) to stop Bisoprolol daily dose of 5 mg to PIP if and when i get fast AF (very infrequently) Also reduced Flecanide from200mg a day to 100mg a day now 25mg a day at night.My BP is perfect,my cholesterol levels have gone down so much i have been able to half the dose of statins.

I have lost weight,and intend to do more,improved muscle tone and strength and can now do things without getting so breathless i have read so many times on here that ablatiin is to improve QOL only,i am wondering if it is still appropriate.

My GP,who I saw last week,confirmed I was in NsR as I asked him if my AF had gone 'undercover' and was still there lurking silently. He said that he was amazed at how I am now,and that if I had just gone in to see him,would not have referred me to EP,given my overall health and how AF is.

Even last week on a very bad day,I had no AF or Flutter carry on as a result.

I can understand your thinking,might be an idea to remain on the list and see if you continue to be as you are now? Difficult to advise!

I am under no illusions that this state of affairs may not continue but.......

I wish you well in your decision making..keep well. Xxx

Re: "as i have read so many times on here that ablatiin is to improve QOL"

I went from having AFIB episodes 3 or 4 times a week to having one mild one in the 14 months since my ablation. So for me at least, I think it's been more than just a QOL improvement.

wilsond in reply to planetiowa

Its just what my EP said to me,and what I have read on here.Yes I agree,if I was having many frequency and debilitating episodes ,i t would be an easy decision to make and would vastly improve my life. But Im not,nor is Youngatheart ,at this time.

At the beginning of the referral to my Ep I had had Af diagnosed 3 years previously. In that period i had extensive high levels of stress at home and work,was very overweight,unfit etc.

Im not anti ablation at all,and people like Jedi and Pete have had many to try to keep AF at bay,because they experience rotten episodes, and its helped.

Im glad you felt the benefit too. X


I had the same dilemma as you. I was on the waiting list for over a year & during that time I had 2 episodes (which I’m aware of), each one resolving with the help of Flecainide as PIP. I made the decision when I was offered a date for the ablation 2 weeks ago to decline. I was asked for the reason. I explained that I didn’t feel I warranted the procedure at present & that my quality of life is not being affected - I know that could change (I will cross that bridge if & when it happens). Someone on here said that I would know when I’m ready. I also said that I would let my place go to someone who really needed it a present.

I started my AF just over 4 years ago & fingers crossed it has not progressed. It has helped me by retiring, which has alleviated much of my stress. Also I’ve adjusted my lifestyle.

Good luck with your decision


Thank you for your reply and advice. I think you are right leave well alone.

Yes,that is my thinking too. I would be really upset if I ended up after the ablation with some of the ,fairly rare I know, complications and was worse off!

I also retired 7 months ago,and has made a massive difference to me.

Good luck Ally and Youngatheart! Xx


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