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A new milestone

So far so good. Yesterday as check up day for my icd. I have full blown AFib all the time now. Resting rate of 120. My curiosity always gets me when I go in for check up. So, I asked what the highest my fib has gotten. 300 beats a minute. That's not too bad for me these days since I no longer get shocked for the ventricle trying to keep up. Today I am getting use to no longer having my pacemaker try to pace the bottom and the switch to watch the top to see if by some slim chance I would go into a normal sinus rhythm. My doctor turned that off yesterday. So I am strictly paced in the lower half only. Its slighty unnerving, I do not feel the pvcs nearly as intensely as I did. I can watch my afib look like palpitations but it doesn't make me as nervous as it usually did.

Now this doesn't mean that I'm not afraid of what to come. I am looking forward to working on finding my new limits. So far since July, I only had one super very good day where I actually got my house cleaned up. I did all the vacuuming, laundry, dishes, Cat litter boxes (all seven of them to service my 20 cats), and managed to mop one of my floors. That use to take me four hours. It took me six this time. Now lately I have been helping a friend and neglecting my house again. So this time it may take me a bit longer to clean. Yesterday I started so later today I have one room I must finish. After that my hubby will help me this weekend and we will have things cleaned up in no time. None the less, I will be taking my time and pay close attention to what my body is doing so that I don't over do it.

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Reading your post prompted me your old posts. You must be a special person to have gone through so much and still stay positive.

Stay strong, best wishes to you both.

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Wishing you all the best in the future.

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You put me to shame! Love to the cats 😻🐈


Good luck ...... and 20 cats ...... WOW! Hope they all get on! X


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