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Amiodrone Vs Av-node ablation


I must decide between the two. I am opting for A V node ablation. I have hypertrophic cardio myopathy and something is detached to 60, I guess my septrum. I just want to get rid of breathlessness and fatigue. I have heard that the node ablation can do that....could anyone share their experiences with me-good or bad? Thanks. this is my first post.

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I meant to say stretched

I assume you mean ablation for AV node known as pace and ablate?

That is my next step and I have already decided that no amiodarone for me because of the side effects. Not a drug you want to be taking long term.

skipabeat in reply to CDreamer

So you're in the same boat as me. Good luck. Are fatigued and breathless also. it really does interrupt one quality of life. Yes everything about amio sounds dreadful.

CDreamer in reply to skipabeat

I have other complications so it is really very hard to judge what causes what but that is also why Pace & ablate was suggested as the one exacerbates symptoms of the other.

At the moment, I’m not having too many episodes but last week I was in fast AF for 6-7 hours a day and had to be on my CPAP machine to help my breathing, which also sometimes also stops or shortens an episode. I am pretty sure the episodes were because of infection which nearly always triggers events for me as I haven’t had too many episodes since the spring until the last few weeks.

At the moment I don’t have much quality in my life, the past month has not been good because of chest infection, strep throat, allergy in my eye, UTI & TIA. I am immune suppressed I easily pick up infections so am avoiding social events for now!

AF on its own I could cope with most of the time but yes it did interrupt life events sometimes and I certainly couldn’t do very much at all when I have episodes other than rest and wait for it to pass. It usually takes 24 hours to recover and I often feel fatigued for 48 hours after,

I think I am near but not quite at the point of needing another intervention as I would need intensive treatment for my other condition before I could safely have any sedation or anaesthesia. So everything becomes more complicated.

Judging the ‘right’ moment is difficult I think.

Good luck to you and let us know what happens next and the outcome as I think we can all learn from one another.

skipabeat in reply to CDreamer

UGH. When it rains it pours. you have your handful of issues.I think we are experiencing similar joys- I am sick with a chest and sinus infection right now. I feel horrible. I didn't think to use my CPAP to help me breath. I am in chronic Afib I do not feel my heart quivering or any palpitations. I just feel exhausted and breathless. Are you thinking of AV node ablation also?

CDreamer in reply to skipabeat

Yes I am thinking about it but as my episodes are still paroxysmal and sometimes frequent other times infrequent it means every time I have an AF free run of a week or two I think I’ll leave it a bit longer and every time I have a run I’m too exhausted to do anything about it! In your case I think it would be a little more straightforward.

Currently sitting with CPAP on as I was getting very breathless just walking around the house. 30 mins of rest and CPAP often gives me another period of activity - I check my sats and try to keep them above 95.

Best wishes.

Amiodarone damaged my thyroid and I now have to take pills for the rest of my life to right that. It didn't do anything for my heart either. I would never recommend taking it.


Sorry to hear that. It really confirms my research. What do you do now to control your A fib?

I Use 2 x 100mg Flecainide along with 2 x 12.5mg Metoprolol.

Jeanheaanie50- how long were you on Amiodarone

I think it was for just over a year in total. It's difficult to remember now, but I took on on two occasions before and just after ablations.

Yes I agree with Jean jeannie. When I get to that being the only choice I will choose the av node ablation over amiodorone. X

I can't comment re the ablation but please before you go down the Amiodarone route please do your homework on this drug which can be toxic to some people. I was prescribed it for a Cardioversion and it has affected my thyroid and my liver. I too am having to take more pills for my thyroid. I stopped taking it but have been told that it will continue to be toxic until it goes from my system. A matter of weeks rather than days for it to leave!

Whatever course of action you choose I hope that everything goes well for you.

Tantaanna in reply to Becksagogo

How long were you on Amiodarone?

Becksagogo in reply to Tantaanna

I took myself off it after 6 months. The trouble is it stays in your system for a while after.

It stays in the body for a long time. Thanks for your best wishes.

I was on amiodarone for a few month a couple of year ago. I had an ablation last year and as the af came back my cardiologist was reluctant to prescribe the amiodarone again. Instead he prescribed dronedarone which does the same as amiodarone without some of the side effects. I was facing ablate and pace but now have had only a few episodes of af. I don't know what will happen when I come off the dronedarone

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