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Heart beat and blood pressure



Does the way your Heart pump affect blood pressure, Ive got Atrial flutter and some times my blood pressure is really high and some times it normal is there a connection between the two.

Thank you

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Yes and No. If you are stressed the body reaction is to contract the blood vessels so that if you are injured by that sabre toothed tiger you won't bleed so much. Boyles law of pressure states that the pressure is constant throughout a vessel of constant volume. If that vessel is smaller because the arteries etc contract then the pressure rises. Pain, worry, illness etc all cause BP to rise. Most BP meds increase the size of the vessels. Viagra for example was designed as a BP medication .

Wot Bob said. The effect on me prior to ablations was for my BP to fall dramatically causing me to be unable to stand upright. Now it seems to have the opposite affect and rises. No idea what has changed. Every time I think I have got my head around what happens in AF - something new pops up. Whatever, AF & AFL do affect BP - for me anyway,


"Viagra for example was designed as a BP medication."

No wonder my BP is so low 😀

BobDVolunteer in reply to Hidden

You know the old saying." God designed man with a d--- and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time. "

Hidden in reply to BobD

I thought they were the same thing!

Sam72- in reply to BobD

😆😆😆😩😂😂😂 HAHA!!!!

Sam72- in reply to Hidden

Sorry, but this has just made me laugh 😆 so hard haha 😂😂🙈

They thought I had high blood pressure. Then done the 24 hour thing on , and it was totally normal, apparently I have white coat syndrome. No wonder really as the sight of the doctor or hospital sends my blood pressure up .

higgy52 in reply to Sam72-

Hi Sam, i think i am same as you,

son as i get in Doc's blood pressure goes up.

Sam72- in reply to higgy52

It’s weird isn’t it ? And they were going to give me blood pressure medication 😮🙈 I would have hit the deck as mine turns out low . So glad I waited till after the 24 hour monitor 👍🏼😊

I am two weeks post second ablation for atrial flutter. I noted that pre -ablation, I had very high blood pressure despite medication. Now my blood pressure has nicely normalised with about the same medication but I have noted that upon waking my blood pressure can be high. We'll see what happens after a few more weeks.


The only connection is when an arrhythmia reduces the efficiency of the pumping action of the heart like AF as an example. In those cases the blood pressure may drop somewhat. But in general, arrhythmias do not raise the blood pressure. However, an emotional upset can. Most people become anxious and frightened during an arthythmia. Let us not forget that Hypertension is also a very common condition that affect many people without their being aware. Is frequently found in people over fifty, overweight, diabetic, sedentary, but also in the so called “normal” people, because hypertension can be a hereditary trait. Hypertension usually does not produce symptoms and most people can be unaware of it. That is why hypertension has been called the “Silent Killer”. In short, hypertension is not directly related to arrhythmias.

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