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Blood pressure and heart rate

As usual it started with migraine after noon , then ectopic beats with chest tightness , dizziness and short breath

I'm checking my BP it is normal around 100/60 , heart rate 50-55 at rest , I feel not comfortable , strong heart beat , numbness in my hands , ....

My question can salt help me to increase heart rate ? Or it increase only the blood pressure

Usually my blood pressure is low , but recently I noticed that heart rate is getting lower than usual even after I decrease sotalol dose to 40 mg twice daily .

Appreciate your advise .


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Hi Maitha

Salt's bad in general not merely for blood pressure but for too many other things it does to the body especially with the Sodium content, I use hardly any salt nowadays, and when I do I use the Pottasium "Lo Salt" which contains less sodium.

Your BP and HR sound fine, in fact if anything your BP is a little low is this just discomfort? perhaps over awareness of the heartbeat at this time? I'd have a chat with your doctor, but it doesn't sound too bad perhaps a tad low on both which will sap your energy and make you tired.

Take care



When I was pregnant with my first son,30 years ago, my GP told me to cut down on salt "because it holds water in the tissues." I don't add it to anything unless absolutely essential - e.g. Scrambled eggs.

You mention numbness of your hands. I get that occasionally. Is it linked to AF or is it carpal tunnel syndrome?


Hi Maitha, I don't know if salt is a contributory factor for you but I do know our doctor told my husband and me to cut it to a bare minimum as we both have heart issues. We have not added salt to our food ever since. Hope you feel better soon.

I feel similar symptoms to yours when my BP and heart rate are in the same range as yours. Best wishes Dee.



Salt is not going to help to increase your heart rate, and it can definitely have many negative effects. As mentioned, it is not good for blood pressure and it is tough on the kidneys. Avoiding added salt is important, and knowing what foods have hidden salt in high amounts is also key. Things like processed meats (ham, salami, etc) and frozen meals, and canned soups can have huge amounts of salt. Be a label reader. Also beware of salt substitutes as they can have interactions that affect your electrolyte balance. Talk with your doc about your heart rate. Less than 60 bpm can leave you feeling really tired. Be well.


Hi Maitha, Ring your doctor and put it to rest! Especially before such a big trip!

Take care


Thank you all

I understand your input in regard the salt , but actually my BP usually low ( It was recorded once while sleeping as 75 ) and I have to be on rhythm control medication like sotalol which is getting it more low , my doctor advised me to increase the salt in my meals in order to increase the dose for sotalol to control my irrythemia ( SVT and VT )

Even though I'm having bad days where my BP drop more than usual and heart got more slow , and I feel so bad just like yesterday

I wake up few time in the night feeling I will faint and hardly breathing

I feel better today , trying my best to keep my BP with acceptable level to stay on sotalol till my second ablation

Wish you all good health and happy weekend


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Hi Maitha - While in hospital a little while ago I had low blood pressure and was advised to drink water to help bring it back up. Seemed to work.


It helps your are right.

I used to eat yogurt with salt when my BP drop less than 90 due to sotalol and it is working most of the time

But during my SVT it is going up badly , but nowadays it is stable thank god.

Hope you are feeling better these days also


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Hi Maitha,

Regarding salt, is it hot where you are? Anyhow, if it is, you have to be careful not taking salt don't you? Doc on the tele this year said even with our English summers you can get into trouble with too little salt and it was a mistake a lot of people were making. Don't think I'm dreaming!

We always use sea-salt, supposed to better for you but I'm no expert !

Just a thought.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.



Thank you dear, yes you are right.

my country is hot most of the year , nowadays it is spring 20 degrees , my doctor advised my to increase salt in order to be able to take sotalol

Salt is good within limit , sea salt is better , I found recently pink salt which is rich in minerals and more healthy


Hi Maitha,

I can't remember what the date was but weren't you off for a visit to the Mayo Clinic? All done?

Hope you are ok


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