Apixaban and low blood pressure

Has anyone noticed a drop in blood pressure while on apixaban? Mine is usually quite low ( 90s/ 60s ) but since I started apixaban There are times during most days when it goes down to low 80s/ low 50s. Usually when i have been physically more active. I mostly feel o.k. and have an appointment with my E.P. in 10 days so not overly concerned but just wondered if anyone else had this problem. X

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  • I can only dream of BP in those figures! If you feel well I wouldn't worry too much but do speak to your EP about it.

  • Thanks Bob, I will.x

  • I've been taking it for two and a half years without any difference to my blood pressure. Low blood pressure is listed as one of the uncommon side effects of Apixaban, so it might be an idea to mention it.

  • Thanks, yes Ive just been re reading the side effects and noticed that. X

  • Keep us posted hope you keep well.


  • Hi, mine seems to have gone up since starting Apixaban. I think we changed to it around the same time. Felt a little queasy for a few days but since then all seems ok except for a metallic taste in my mouth about an hour after taking it.


  • Hi. Thats interesting as it looks as though it does have an effect on blood pressure. Im not too worried as it keeps returning to a low normal, to start with I thought it was going to keep going down till it disappeared! I really want to stay on it because it is less restrictive and I am not thinking about the whole thing all the time. X

  • Well my BP is low and I'm not on Apixaban!!!!

  • yes - i am now around 110/60 pretty consistent having been borderline 140/85 pre Apixiban

  • Im really glad I asked this question, at least now it looks like it could be apixaban and nothing more sinister. I will post again when Ive seen E.P.

    Thanks x

  • I'm on Apixaban and my blood pressure has dropped from very high, 170/98 to 115/58. I also take losartan for high blood pressure but I was struggling to keep my blood pressure down before I took Apixaban. So, I think it might be the Apixaban.

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