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Holter Device low battery recirding terminated

I am hoping someone has been in a similar situation and knows what to do.

I have a Lifeguard CF holter device on for 7 day monitoring. It is Day 6 and the device says recording terminated and battery low.

Nobody is answering the phone at the Cardiology unit (weekend..Saturday).

What do I do? Replace the batteries and press record? Or just leave it.

I don't want it to erase the 6 days of data if I put new batteries in.

Anyone been in a similar predicament?

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This hasn't happened to me but I would be inclined to just leave it. There would be plenty of data from six days.


Yes when I finally got hold of someone they said the same thing and to just leave it.

Thank you


I think you should leave it too. Tell them what’s happened when you take it back.

I’ve had two experiences with holter monitors. One like you where it ran out of juice and stopped recording. I was told everything taped prior to that was still there.

The other was when I was taking one off after the 48 hours were up, and noticing the digital time displayed on the monitor was totally different to the actual time! ....but I had been noting the actual time I had felt any goings on,extra or missed beats etc.

They’re obviously not always checked properly before fitting onto the next patient.


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Thank you. I managed to get through to the Cardio ward and they said to just leave it too.


This is what frightens me about having a pacemaker.what if the battries fail and my AV node has been destroyed. My heart will stop beating, and guess i'll be dead,? 😣


hi....it is one of the scary thoughts that make these questions pop into your head isn't it?

I too wondered what happens - the answer given was that if for whatever reason the battery stops, you will NOT 'drop dead'. You will feel unwell and know that you need to contact your GP and call the number on your pacemaker ID card.

I do wish that the ICD guys would inform us patients of all the things related to the pacemakers/defibrillators when they are first fitted!

So don't worry groesclose, we are OK!

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groesclose As I understand it, they do not ablate all of the AV node. If the battery were to fail your heart would beat slowly and you would be able to access emergency help without dying.

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