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Help with Reveal Device

Please can anyone help if they have had experience with a reveal device, specifically the Confirm RX?

I keep getting the below message when trying to record symptoms, it's been like this for 24hours now and have no contact information on who to report this to. It was created by a company call St.Jude Medical which is based in America so no U.K. Phone numbers to contact? Not entirely sure what to do or who to tell?

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If this is a subcutaneous reveal then you need to speak to whoever inserted it., I e your hospital.


Thanks Bob. Was done at Southampton hospital, I only have the number for my cardiologists secretary. Should I just call her on Monday? Sorry to sound stupid they just didn't give me any info on what to do if it stopped working?


I think a call to his secretary on Monday would be a good idea. Sorry but I know nothing about reveals other than what they are and do.

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No worries, thanks for the advice 😊


Hello I have a st Jude aortic valve implanted ,there customer service is in Stratford upon Avon this is the last phone numbers I used I found them very helpful 01789207600. & 01789207618 hope this helps good luck


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