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3 month post ablation update.


Two days ago I knew I'd gone back into persistent af, due to feeling lightheaded and breathless after going upstairs or walking the dog too fast, this happened to coincide with my 3 month post ablation appointment in Bournemouth, which has confirmed my fears. Ep said because it's been two days it isn't likely to go back into nsr so I've now been offered another ablation at Bournemouth or the hybrid procedure in either London St Thomas's or Plymouth. And here was me last week getting excited that I felt good and might be coming off the dronedarone, how this condition can play mind games with you is amazing, but it will not beat me................

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Really bad luck, but your EP sounds on the ball. Hope the next one works. Wishing you well.

It's so disappointing and a lot of us on here can identify exactly with what has happened to you.

I was surprised to see that you had put Plymouth down as a place for a hybrid ablation, as Derriford hospital there is the one where I've had my three ablations and I was never offer a hybrid one. Only told that after three ablations they could do no more for me as my rogue beats were coming from an unusual source.

If you put hybrid in the Search AF Association box on the top right of the page you should find posts from others who have had the hybrid procedure.

Hi Jean. Thankyou for your reply there's a man called Guy Hayward, I came across his name when I was offered a hybrid last year but too scared to go for it and I was at that point only offered st Thomas's in london, and coming from a small town like Weymouth even Bournemouth hospital seemed quite scary. I've decided now that a second ablation is what I want this time, maybe a tweak will work , who know and the fingers crossed. The hybrid will be my last chance so I'm saving it till last ............

Guy Haywood is my EP.

I haven't a clue as to why you haven't been offered a hybrid, mind you my ep would refer me , that isn't to say that the other eps would actually do the procedure. I can only imagine they look at us all as individuals and way up risks/ possible outcomes / how the condition is affecting our daily lives as to what the next step is. Also research is moving forward all the time.it is a small world though !!!!


Great that you are so positive. This makes a huge difference believe me! Ablation should always be considered part of on going treatment as I am sure you realise. It may take one or even two more like mine but well worth it in the end.

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Hi Bob, I've put up with this for years, I can remember back as far as when I was 11 feeling lightheaded, I'd lay down and it would go away, then it reared its head again in my late 20's, I had a tape recorder for 24 hrs which typically didn't catch it. This was in the early nineties. My persistent af started about 2 years before my small heart attack but I didn't know what was causing me to be breathless and tired, I just thought running the bed and breakfast and two years off fifty was the cause, so I was just pleased albeit a little daunted at first but very glad of a name , a condition and that it wasn't actually all in my head.the next thing I did was to get on here and your advice was homework, I've watched cardio versions and ablations , read up on the drugs I'm on,my ep, mark sopher was well impressed and I have tried to take it all in my stride for a better quality of life( so pleased to make 50 this year). So a big Thankyou to you all.x

My EP says only a 30% chance a 4th ablation would work. In permament AFib.

Roony39 in reply to lms0006

I was under no illusion that mine would work first time but a 50/50 chance was given. I just think a 30% chance is much better odds than winning lottery or some other scratch card etc but we all try our luck, so why not now.depends on you side effects/ quality of life at the mo and only you can answer that and wether it's worth it . Good luckxx

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I knew someone who, aged about 92, pressured his surgeon into operating on his carotid artery. The surgeon was reluctant as he thought there was a 75% chance that it would be fatal. It went well and the old man subsequently had four good years of life, free from the frequent little blackouts he had been experiencing.

Boy, don’t we all know that persistent afib demon.... unexplained, unaware... just there it is. A dread of going back to the hospital for cardioversion. I just was released last night. In NSR since Aug 31, now boom back again. Going for second opinion and considering first ablation. Flying to Cleveland Clinic next wed., here in the US. I have had 11 electro cardioversions and 2 drug ones in 3 1/2 years. So so hope for you they can help you and life can move forward.. They put me on the poison amiordorone that I have previously refused. All the others have had serious deadly reactions. Cardiac arrest- vtach. My heart does not like the drugs.

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