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Post Ablation 3 month appointment


I am due to attend my 3 month appointment at St Thomas's in August. Can anyone tell me what happens at this appointment because from reading this forum I've been led to believe that they should be able to tell me whether the ablation has worked or not. Is it just a discussion or do they do any particular tests. I have had a number of episodes lately and I am keeping a record in my diary would it be wise to take this with me?

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An ablation has worked if there are no episodes or if things are better than they were before and the first appointment in my experience has been a discussion to hear what you have to report. So yes, they will want to know about episodes and how frequent they have been. But I'd visit your GP now and see if you can be loaned a pocket ECG monitor so that you can capture a trace of an episode that can be emailed to your EP in advance of your appointment. Or see if you can get a proper ECG during an episode. In any case, at your visit you will probably be referred for a 48 hour monitor to see what goes on. The trouble here is that the chances are you won't have an episode while you have the monitor.

Have you considered buying a Kardia?

Thank you for your reply it is very helpful. I have never heard of of Kardia before but have just looked it up and ordered one for myself.

Good move!

I find it very helpful to be able to see what sort of AF I am getting and I don't check unless I am having an episode. Some feel there might be a temptation to be obsessive and to use it when there's no need.

Yes I can imagine that could be a problem for some. I wished I'd known about it before my ablation as if would have made my appointments easier especially as my ep didn't gave any of my records On file and all I had to show him were my written notes and a record of my pulse which I take when necessary through a cardio app on my phone.

It will be a discussion. All my appointments in Liverpool involve an ECG at the start. Do take your notes to show the doctor. You will probably see a registrar rather than the EP himself. Because of continuing episodes you would be wise to discuss pill-in-the-pocket usage. That possibility gives a sufferer tremendous confidence.

Thank you for the info. I have got bisoprolol as as pip but doesn't really agree with me, it upsets my stomach and lowers my heart rate and blood pressure quite considerably so I will hopefully be able to get something else.

Agree with all the advice offered. My first review was after 6 months, which I believe is becoming more common, as it is generally felt that it can take that long for the heart to heal. Ironically, I had 2 short blips of AF within a week of that review, but that might have been due to reducing medication as advised at that review. I expect you will have an ECG just before the appointment and can I suggest you check your appointment letter as you are normally asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment for this to be done. If it is not in your letter, can I suggest you call the hospital to check, because you do not want to be under any unnecessary stress on arrival. I'm a bit of a fuss pot, so I normally take some notes about my progress together with any blood pressure results because as we all now, BP tends to hit the roof at surgeries or hospitals. Make sure you discuss ongoing medication and also be clear in your mind about anti-coagulation especially if you have a low CHADsVasc score.....generally you will be encouraged to stay on anti-coagulation medication. Good luck.....John

My review was with the Cardiologist who referred me, ECG, BP and 'how have you been?' chat. I was offered a three day monitor but as I had had no noticeable episodes and spells of dizziness indicating pauses I went with using Kardia and asking for monitoring if I had further episodes.

Thank you all so much you have all been really helpful.

Discussion on how you have been and an ECG is my experience

On my first appointment it was discussion based but blood pressure and ECG were carried out. Sadly, although told that my ablation was a success just after the procedure, it actually wasn't and I was offered another, which I refused, and after a period of time when my health deteriorated I was offered a pacemaker and together with Bisoporal and Dysopyramide all is now well (fingers crossed), this was 2 years ago.

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