Tooth extraction and blood tests

My dentist finally agreed to take the two infected teeth out on the condition that I stop Xarelto for two days prior. My appointment is 6.30 pm and my dilemma now is that I have blood tests early the following morning for the cardiologist. Does anyone know if the extractions so soon beforehand will impact in anyway on the blood test procedure/ results please?

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  • Hi. Its not the extraction, its the stopping the xarelto which might impact. And I would not stop the Xarelto without the Cardiologist say so. I had a similar problem and had to go thru my cardiologist / EP first.


  • Thanks Phil, already had the go ahead from cardio, but I have now changed the blood analysis appointment for a week later...

    Seemed the sensible thing to do rather than stress about it.

  • What are the tests for? There is no INR test so what else? I can't see why it would but ask you doctor to be sure.

  • The cardiologist requested them before my next appointment. They test you for anything and everything in Spain! If you ask for a cholesterol test, they don’t do that one specifically, they just include it in their ‘analitica’ as they call it 🙄

  • sorry to add to problems but you are supposed to have teeth out earlier in the day so that any bleeding( which I don't think you will have much) can be dealt with in good time

    I also agree with the comments made about checking with your cardiologist before stopping AC as it is not always done now

  • Hopefully Rosy I will be ok... the last AC took was Saturday night, so that is almost 3 full days!

    The hospital wrote a section in my discharge report stating that it would be acceptable to stop the xeralto 2 days before the treatment.

  • There is a chance after the extractions and the body has had chance to get cleaned up that your AF will reduce. Good Luck!

  • Thanks so much...wouldn’t that be fantastic?

  • I am on apixaban and just had 2 teeth removed at the local hospital,referred there by my dentist who was not happy to do the job. After talking to my cardio I stopped taking the meds the day before and apart from "normal" bleeding (as defined by the hospital dentist) after the extractions I was fine.

  • Good to know, thanks.

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