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Warfarin and tooth extraction???

My husband has seen an emergency dentist today as he is in terrible pain. On finding out he takes warfarin daily the dentist wouldn't touch him and has referred him to the dental dept at hospital. It could take 4 weeks to get an appointment but he simply can't stand the pain. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Also is it worth trying to see his doctor for a strong painkiller while he waits?? Thanx

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Do you have an emergency dental hospital in your area? If so it may be worth giving them a ring. Good luck. There is nothing worse thantoothache


Some dentists seem to be scared of warfarin but mine would be happy to take a tooth out for me if needed. Dental association guidelines USED to mandate hospitalisation for tooth extraction but apparently now they don't bother, just pack the hole or something. Surely if it is an emergency you should be able to get some satisfaction. Four weeks is a long time to be in pain and quite ridiculous to expect it. Even if he stopped the warfarin it would be five days to clear the system. Do talk to your GP.


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You could ring round other dentists. I had a tooth extracted whilst on warfarin and no problems. Marie


Hi Kazzie

A year ago my dentist told me the same thing, but luckily I did not need the extraction, then three weeks ago she said I probably will need it done in 3 months or so but she will do it in the chair, she just needs to prepare and said things are much easier nowadays and with so many people on warfarin dentists are much more used to dealing with it.

Honestly I might either ring round some local dentists, or ring the local health authority, because some will dal with it without all this ridiculous fuss. It's only a question of controlling the bleeding for goodness sake.

Good luck



My dentist has said that I need an extraction shortly and when I reminded her that I'm on Warfarin she seemed perfectly clear about what steps she needed to take and did not regard the medication as a reason for a postponement. As I haven't yet had it done, I can't report back, other than to say as others have that it might be worth referring to another dentist, or possibly enlisting the assistance of your GP if he/she is helpful. Good luck with getting it sorted.


I had a tooth extracted a few weeks ago. (Back molar) My dentist was happy to proceed as long as my inr was below 3. I self test, and on the day it was 2.8. She went ahead and pulled the tooth. I had hardly any bleeding afterwards, in fact it was no difference in healing time and bleeding than when I last had a tooth extracted many years ago pre my Warfarin days. I hope he finds a dentist to help him, theres nothing worse than tooth pain.


Yes get strong pain killers from doctors and check no infection because dentist refused to treat


Sorry this dentist must be very inexperienced. I've had an extraction recently with absolutely no unwanted side effects. It didn't bleed more than normal and my dentist said he treats lots of people on warfarin. Seek advise from the medical council, this sounds like incompetence


My dentist said as long as INR under four no problem but that was not when discussing extraction specifically. Wendy B


My dentist told me that there is a richer blood supply to the lower jaw, so not so easy to extract a tooth as the top when on warfarin, as there's a greater chance of a serious bleed. He also has to use a different medication to numb the gum/tooth when doing a filling. Is your husband's problem tooth in the lower jaw? I'm having an upper wisdom tooth out at the dentists this Friday. He tells me it will be easy!!!!

Ring around any dentist you know, or can find in the telephone book and ask if they will do it. Or is another option for you to stop taking warfarin for a few days before having the extraction.

I would talk to your doctor and ask his advice. Good luck and hope the pain soon goes.


Hi Kazzie 49.

I have an appointment for tooth extraction on 16th Jan. My dentist told me to ring anticoag clinic. They said to attend for an INR test the day before and if it isn't above

3 it will be ok to go ahead. I have to take my anticoag card with me to the dentist.


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