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cranberry juice

I am taking Rivaroxaban can i drink cranberry juice while taking this medication please.

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Hi aberdovey....I too am on rivaroxaban and made myself a check list when it was first prescribed as to what I could, should and couldn't, shouldn't do......

One of the mixed views was whether to continue drinking cranberry, and also eating broccoli, because of the vitamin K content of both which may reduce the effect of the medication. When I asked about this, they said it was fine as long as I was not having vast amounts of either.....just normal weekly diet.

So, for your peace of mind, it may be best to ask your GP or if its quicker, the pharmacist as they are really good at knowing the medication and side affects.


Thank you for your reply, so when you say just normal weekly diet with the juice how often do you drink it..


I personally have a small glass of cranberry juice every other day - and sometimes none at all.


Rivaroxaban is not a vitamin K antagonist so unaffected by such things. It works of a completely different part of the clotting process.

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Sorry BobD - I should have added what I found in research to my post above -

In the body, vitamin K plays a major role in blood clotting. So it is used to reverse the effects of “blood thinning” medications when too much is given; to prevent clotting problems in newborns who don’t have enough vitamin K; and to treat bleeding caused by medications including salicylates, sulfonamides, quinine, quinidine, or antibiotics.


I didn't randomly come up with the connection.


I read the opinion about cranberry juice and broccoli and the reason why it may affect medication - vitamin K content - on NHS Choices - nhs.uk/Conditions/Anticoagu...

so it is worth taking into consideration - but I decided to ask the pharmacist anyway.


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