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Warfarin, vodka and grapefruit juice...lethal!


Vodka and grapefruit juice...lethal ! After one large drink after dinner I felt bad and went to bed with a huge sweat, my eye sight dimmed and seemed to lose all color. My friend poured three glasses of water into me and the effects eased.. I then slept/coma for three hours and woke up feeling totally reinvigorated.. Avoid this combination at your peril.

This Christmas after telling this story a few family wags suggested plying me with this cocktail as they had never see anybody go into a coma... Tough crowd,

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No sympathy for a man who ruins a good vodka with grapefruit juice.

A good party trick though!! Seriously,glad you are ok


I'm surprised thst you were unaware of the grapefruit/ warfarin interaction.

Anyone on Amiodarone should be especially aware of serious effects with grapefruit. Always check whatever meds you are taking for an interaction with grapefruit.

Your lot have got a serious warped sense of British humour😂 That alone should buck you up😉

Thanks for the warning, a lesson learnt I guess!

Every Christmas my daughter says to me, "Just relax and eat and drink what you want". She has no idea how much I'd love to do that!

I was aware about the grapefruit thing, but fortunately I can't stand it. I did ask Alexa (new Christmas present) "What is warfarin" and it told me it was used in pest control..... nothing about humans.... :D

Alexa is my new Christmas present as well! I looooove her. There are new features ... let us say that you have to take a pill,at 9 each morning ... she will remind you! “Alexa, play Mozart”

It’s an ingredient in rat poison

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