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Spitting out blood in the early morning

Good day,


Hope all is we'll.

I have a Question. I am spitting out blood with my phlegm for one week now. First the blood was light red, now today is suddenly changed to dark red(brown). I have chronic sinuses and have had this problem before but never this long. When I was spitting out blood phlegm I could immediately identify it was my nose that was bleeding when blew my nose. I forgot to mention now, my left ears membrane bursts 2 weeks back. Could it be of that? or might it be something else? I have no pain in the ear or body.

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I don’t think we could advise you - please seek medical advice.


WI think on anything like this , just seek a dr. X (I did)

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If you are spitting phlegm then it sounds as though you have an infection. It could just be a small blood vessel that's breaks if you are coughing a lot. It's really important for you to talk to your GP. Please let us know how you get on.

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You need medical advice on this. Strong possibility that blood from your ear finds its way into your throat especially when you cough (via Eustacian tubes when a pressure difference between your ear and throat), and also brown blood is usually old red blood so it sounds like things settling down.

I'm saying this to help reassure you, but you need to get it checked out.


thank you for your help ..my GP advised I have bleeding sinus :)


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