Spitting blood

Help everyone. I have just woken up from a nap on the bed to spit blood. About the size of a 10p piece which just lessened into brownish colour then nothing ( a bit like after cleaning your teeth. No apparent reason I can find no trace of my nose having bled whilst I was asleep. My INR is 2.2 and I am due to take my warfarin in 10 minutes, Anyone relate to this?


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  • Not uncommon I would guess. I woke one morning with blood clots in my mouth and found no trace of nose bleed but obviously it was. Usually bleeds down the back of your throat so nothing come out frontwards.

  • Yes...have found pillow case stained with blood at one time when INR normal. Nothing these days though. Think it came from nosebleed.

  • I have very occasionally hadsomething...nose bleed...as you describe.I was worried.....I was on Warfarin at the time....... by this but mentioned it to my GP on my next visit and he said it does happen and not to worry unless there was a lot of blood and frequently.I have not experienced it on Apixaban.

  • You should let your GP know

  • Hi

    Just this week I had the same thing on 3 different mornings, but mine was definitely from the gums. The first time it was the right hand side of the mouth and the next 2 the left. I thought it strange as when I clean my teeth there is no blood.

    I am on Bisoprolol, Rivaroxaban and Amiodarone. I was worried about the latter so went to my GP. She has asked for a blood test ( yuk !) so she can see if the platelet levels are low.

    As stated, it doesn't seem to be a problem if it is just a little blood.

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