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Follow up and question....

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Good evening.

Well, it's four weeks since the cryo. How do I feel? Mixed really, very few fluttery bits, the odd ectopic but only one very light and questionable AF episode, so overall, I'm quite pleased. Have had an irritating cough / inability to take very deep breaths since the second week, and about 10 days of mysterious migraine type auras, but they have now gone. A few days ago I started with really bad indigestion on eating or drinking, but it seems to be a little bit better now, so I'm hoping it will go away soon, so that's the report done, now for the question:-

To try and recuperate, my wife took me on a holiday last week, however it rapidly became the holiday from hell

1) The plane was an hour late taking off

2) We had all our documents, money, jewellery etc stolen from the car hire pick up when we landed

3) We were watching my daughter compete in an Ironman - she dislocated her hip after 20Km on the bike, pulled out after 103Km

4) We were in Catalonia amongst the rioting / road blocks etc

5) Just to cap it off, we flew there and back by Monarch......

So, will all this additional stress have done me any harm? I know it didn't relax me, but could it actually have caused any damage to my recovering heart?

Comments please........

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You probably don't want hear this but after 4 weeks you should still be in bed 10-12 hours a day and taking it easy the rest of the time with light exercise and no work until at least three months post procedure. An ablation is a major intrusion to your heart and will still be healing a year from now.

As for doing damage I can't comment. You'll need to do regular ECGs and monitor progress.

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Adiepie in reply to Mike11

Thanks Mike

It was supposed to be a nice relaxing week away.......

Stress is my number 1 trigger. In times of stress you tend to cope, because you have to do so. The AF strikes shortly afterwards. Controlled breathing ( in through the nose to the count of 7, out through the mouth to the count of 11) is a big help.

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Adiepie in reply to jennydog

Thanks Jenny

I agree, coping is OK at the time, it's afterwards that it all kicks off! Feeling better now though

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I really think you may have over done things BUT if nothing untoward happened then you probably haven't done any harm. I

I'm sue you will know by now that the migraine aura is a common side effect of the ablation caused by the transeptal puncture. Loads of comments if you search Migraine aura top right.

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Adiepie in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. I found the aura details on here, once again this site comes up trumps!

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Jeanette49 in reply to BobD

I have seen on several topics about searching at the top for a specific subject , but can't seem to locate this. Can someone please explain this?

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Jeanette49

Go to the Healthunlocked banner where you see your name, my communities, a bell symbol and help. Keep looking right and you will see the "search AF Association" box. Type a subject in that and voila. Simples.

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Jeanette49 in reply to BobD

Bob, maybe I am being super dim, but I can't see what you are describing on this site at the top, not even my name! I will take a screenshot and start a new topic so I can attach it.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Jeanette49

See that you are using a mobile or similar and have been coached by others. I only ever use a proper computer when I am near the office. If I allowed HUL onto my iphone I would never get any work done.

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