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And now another thing


For a few days I have not felt right. I just thought it was the aftermath of the SVT and AF that I have had in the past week following my ablation.

Yesterday morning the feelings I had were worse. I was in NSR yet I felt acute nausea and knew that something else was going on.

Because I was feeling so bad I managed to get an appointment at my GP surgery late yesterday afternoon.

On examination my doctor said "no wonder you are not feeling well your blood pressure is 190/100".

As we are off to Skye on Saturday he prescribed the appropriate tablets told me to go on holiday and that I should get my blood pressure checked again on my return.

I was glad he was happy about me going as my holiday is in the UK but right now I wonder why it happened.


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How unwelcome! A nice, trouble free holiday is just what's needed.

Are you worrying about something because that would do it. Hopefully your holiday on the beautiful island and some fresh air and relaxing exercise will help. Hope you enjoy.

pottypete1 in reply to CDreamer

Only worried about the usual but what's new.

We are determined to enjoy our holiday.

Have you taken an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin? My husband did and had his BP shoot up to about the same level as yours from a usual of 125/70. GP said it was a side effect of the drug. An over the counter emetic from Tesco had a similar effect but not so dramatic.

Enjoy your bonny boat to Skye!

pottypete1 in reply to Finvola

No I have done nothing.

Feeling 100% better today so it looks like the pills are working.

I would like to know why it happened though, as I have just about had enough of my body lately.

"The far Cuillins are pullin' me away,

As take I wi' my crummack to the road.................................."

Finvola in reply to pottypete1

I hate things that happen without obvious reason! Now you have me humming and remembering Kenneth McKellar LOL.

Oh Pete, what is happening to you!!! I hope the tablets you were prescribed will quickly bring your blood pressure down.

How is it this morning and could it be you thinking about the drive to Skye that could have caused you a little stress and sent your readings so high?

Yes thanks Jean I am feeling a lot better today but was feeling awful all day yesterday.

I don't consciously think I am worried about the drive.

In fact we fly from Southampton (only 15 minutes away) to Glasgow first so it is "only" 200 miles from there. I have also done it about 8 times before.

We find that Skye is good for the soul.


BobDVolunteer in reply to pottypete1

What a beautiful road from Ft William across to the silver sands of Malaig and then on to Skye. Go easy on the Talisker , my favourite single malt. Do try to get up to Dunvegan Castle. Nice time of year for it as well before all the midges get going and I bet the Rhoddies are in bloom. 29 years since my wife and I did our world tour Scotland. We put the car on the sleeper train from London. Hottest June for 40 years!!

pottypete1 in reply to BobD

Yes Bob

The sands around Malaig are beautiful. Coral beach in the North of the Island is also stunning and is an easy 1 hour walk to white coral beaches that reflect all the light.

We used to do a walk to Camasunary at the foot of the Cullins the views as you traverse the last hill are breathtaking but I think this might be too much for my heart and for my wife's knees.

Another favourite place is the Quiraing - absolutely majestic.

Regarding the midges I think the locals let them out of their cages to attack the Sasanachs and other tourists around May so we always go at this time of year.

We have been there 8 times now and have been so lucky with the weather that one year Volvo were there trying to film an advertisement based on "The Misty Isle" and they were using hosepipes to provide the mist.

We went to the Talisker distillery last year. Very peaty flavour. However you may remember I have been teetotal for about a year to try and stop my AF (That was a waste of time but will keep it up for now).

Primroses as well as Rhoddies.

Snow forecast for next week so hope we get through Glen Coe without needing chains on the tyres.


BobDVolunteer in reply to pottypete1

I tripped over in the shower the first night on Skye and broke my little toe so spent the rest of the time with a walking stick and lots of painkillers. Stupid boy! Had a black Alfa GTV6 for that trip in 1988. Wonderful driving roads. No aircon so we roasted in a black car.

pottypete1 in reply to BobD

Did a similar trick in 1964 first port on my first trip as a bellboy on SS Canberra.

Spent the rest of the Mediterraneancruise on my back.

Thanks for your stories.


I understand soul food! The area around Dolgellau in North Wales does it for me. Hope you have a lovely time.


Have a great relaxing holiday Pete.

Best Wishes


Have a good time and to hell with AF and BP!

Yes I agree

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