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My invoice for my EP appointment

The story below both amused me and made me despair as a former accountant!

As some of you may know I had my first appointment with an EP at Papworth privately late in August. On arrival, I had to fill in a few forms and make a payment there and then for his fee and a ECG. Amount was £275 Consultant and £82 for ECG. Paid by card at private patients reception and told an invoice acknowledging payment would be sent later.

Wednesday I receive a invoice from Papworth Hospital NHS FT, Wakefield demanding £275 for consultation, payment must be within 14 days. Phone call made, invoice no given, I told him I had paid on the date of appointment, exactly who I paid, the date and time of transaction and that it also included £82 for ECG total payment £375. The operator had the invoice up on his screen and said yes he could see that.

This morming I get another invoice clearing consultants payment but now asking for £82 in 14 days for payment of ECG!!!!!! What a cock up and waste of time and money, another phone call to be made on Monday.

If their simple accounts can make such silly mistakes goodness knows what the large financial accounting departments of the NHS are like.

Accountants hat gone back in cupboard now!


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Frustration, Peter needs to speak to Paul it seems. Maybe better to pay on receipt of invoice in future.


There was no choice, you had to pay there and then.


I have received 6 letters from the local hospital in the past month. I usually have a check up with the Cardiologist in December. They sent an appointment for September. I rang twice to cancel and then to confirm cancellation. This resulted in 2 further September appointments, both received on the same day. I rang again and then received 3 separate cancellation letters.

Will I get my December appointment? Doubtful !!!!!!!


I totally despair of all hospital administration, especially appointments. Sent me a letter with an appointment for MRI scan - after waiting 4 months for NHS appointment as it was none urgent - of course they sent the letter when I was on holiday for appointment 2 days hence - still on holiday.

By the time I returned I had not phoned them with a cancellation so registered as a 'no show'. 1 strike. Similar thing happened about 2 weeks later for another appointment at another department - 2 strikes. So I was then sent a letter saying if I missed another appointment I would be struck off the hospital patient register!

They also informed my GP practice who left numerous telephone messages and text messages. I was furious. Sent complaint in writing to hospital, consultant and explanation to my GP, who is really on the ball and supported me by sending a stinking letter to the appointments manager, who then spoke to my consultant who was very apologetic when I saw him.

I understand the appointments system is abut to be changed so that the departments can make their own appointments, by telephoning the patient - simples!

Hence I have absolutely no faith in what the notes say, again learned through experience.

I would recommend everyone to ensure you receive copies of every single letter between your GP and consultant - you need to register at the hospital and at your GP surgery.


A few years ago our local news (BBC Look East) ran a story about a hospital that was writing to all the patients on their waiting list asking them to say what dates their holidays were booked for.

Ostensibly, this was so that the hospital could avoid sending appointments when people were on holiday, but in actual fact they were doing the complete opposite. The scam was to find out when people were away, and then send them an appointment so that they could put patients to the back of the queue for failing to attend.

One of the issues I included in my complaint was a long list of letters I have sent the NHS which have been ignored, and another list of letters that purport to have been copied to me at the time they were written, but weren't. I have checked the mail reliability figures and calculated that the probability of this happening by chance alone is about half a million times less likely than winning the lottery.

Like all the other issues, it still hasn't been answered 27 months after filing my complaint, but I noticed something interesting on my records this week. On 19.4.17 they received a letter from me which also went unanswered, but they made an entry in my records that they had phoned me and left a message on my answering machine.

I don't have an answering machine.

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It's getting ridiculous.

I cannot fault the excellent clinical care I get from my local hospital but the admin drives me to distraction.


Not healthcare, but once had an incorrect electricity bill. They said on the phone that they'd sort out a corrected bill, but then just sent another copy of the same bill. It went on and on like that for about a year, until I eventually got a threat of a court summons from a debt collecting agency.

That was when I rang the ombudsman. Within a few days SSE decided that preparing a correct bill was beyond them, so they wrote off the whole sum and sent a £30 compensation cheque instead.


It has just struck me the difference between the Energy Ombudsman here and the Health Ombudsman: whereas Ofgem had this problem sorted in a day, the PSHO are still giving me the runaround after 14 months. The government policing the government compared with the government policing private industry.


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