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New on the site and need help moving around on it. Please and Thank you.


I am new here and need some kind person to explain how to move around this site. I am sort of computer challenged. I need a patient person. LOL I thought I filled out something,but can't find it. I had a ablation on Sept. 12th and feel like it was a failure and it is making me depressed. I thought if I talked to others I could get out of this funk I am in. Thanks for your help and kindness. I am usually a pretty happy person and I know this is not good for me or my little old heart. And it is pretty old.

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Hi Jessie & welcome.

To post - well I guess you have so that worked! To read posts go to the banner at top of page and click 'posts' - they will appear as a list. Replies (like this one) will be posted under the post A this is now called a 'thread'.

If you want to PM someone (private message) go to their profile by clicking or holding (I sort of assume everyone uses a tablet - but maybe not) on the posters name highlighted and you will see a tab to message.

To change the view to newsfeed - click on drop down menu next to your profile on the top banner - you have a range of options.

Best learning is by experimenting - go ahead and try.

Any questions - someone will always answer you, this is a very supportive and friendly bunch, but you will find it is predominantly UK based but posters from US, Australia, NZ, Canada as well as other regions.

Best wishes - CD.

jessieMom2 in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CDreamer for your help. I am a little behind times I guess. I have a computer and a phone and just had a tablet given to me and don't know how to navigate it yet. The phone is new and trying to find my way around this new phone. I did print your answers so I can play around with it. thanks again.

Did the question assessment and saw some questions I was thinking about.

Sounds like you've cracked it, so fire away. You will always get a response. There have been many questions and comments on ablation lately, so trawl through them and post a question on anything you need.

You do not say whether you were in paroxysmal or persistent AF. If you were in persistent AF, generally they cannot get all the firing areas with only one ablation sometimes due to the inflammation the heart experiences as a result of the procedure. That does not mean the ablation was a failure; generally it means that they have to go back in to ablate the areas that they could not the first time round.


For the record it can take at least three if not six months to tell if an ablation worked so please don;t be depressed..

jessieMom2 in reply to BobD

Thanks BobD I appreciate your advice. I guess what makes me even more uneasy is my shortness of breath seems to be worse than before the ablation due to the Phrenic Nerve Injury. I am mostly fine when no up doing anything, but walking a short distance is bad. I am having to use Advair and Albuterol daily and only used it when my allergies acted up. I guess there is no way anyone knows when this might turn around and I guess I am not being very patient. Bob is the 3 to 6 months you are talking about if you have not had this PNI problem?

BobDVolunteer in reply to jessieMom2

That is for normal ablation with no secondary problems.

As well as the Forum here, who are very supportive and lovely bunch of people who all have sympathy with us AF (AFib) sufferers, there is also a world full of information for you on the AF parent site - AF Association. Use the search box on the top right and you will find answers to a lot of your questions. Or just ask here, and we will all do our best.

Hi Jessie

What makes you think it wasn't successful? I had mine on the 9th September, and am only just beginning to come round, as I still get tired and breathless. As others have said, there have been some very good post recently on ablations (mine! mine!) that give you some idea what we are feeling.

My main piece of advice is DON'T WORRY! You have been through quite a stressful procedure, both for your body and your mind, and it will take a while yo get used to it.

I'm beginning to feel better each day - when you look back, you rapidly realise that you are doing things you couldn't do the week / day before!

Keep your chin up chuck!

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