Thank you.....on the move slowly,

Just a note really to say thank you to everyone who posts on here. Your advice and experience with af is a big help. I may not contribute on here but I do log in to read up on posts . Have been getting no where fast with my treatment and was getting despondent, still under a cardiologist. A month ago felt suitably armed with info to see my gp and ask for referral to an ep. GP was not too happy about this, but after I burst into tears he referred me. Have been to see him today, and an ep at Papworth has agreed to take me on. Hopeful of getting an ablation now. Hope the appointment comes through soon. Ironically Papworth is my nearest hospital!

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  • Good news! How nice it is to feel that that range of comments here have made a contribution to your progress. Not everyone is enthusiastic about ablations, but I have no regrets whatsoever about mine. I feel much more able now to do things and go places than I was a year ago. Life is less dominated by medication regimes and I am thankful that such an amazing procedure is available and can be carried out with relatively little disruption. Hope the big day will arrive soon for you and will go really well. All the best.

  • Well done you for getting the EP appointment. As someone famous once said “When things go wrong, don't go with them.” (I threw in the quote as I came across it earlier and was very surprised to find out who said it originally - I wonder if anyone reading this can guess who it was? I will post the answer in a couple of days.)


  • Great news keep us posted! Cyril - nope!

  • Hi Cyril.If l remember correctly it was Elvis Presley...Carolx

  • Correct Caromia,

    It was indeed the King.

    It just struck me as being very profound coming from someone who I had thought was just a pretty face with a great voice. Shows how wrong first impressions can be. Perhaps all blondes aren't so dumb either!


  • Sorry not all blondes are dumb.............Although having said that l do have my

  • Got to love Elvis! :D

  • Great news. I has my ablation done at Papworth and have nothing but praise for all the people involved there. Good luck and keep us posted. Cathy

  • That's wonderful news, so glad to hear that... Lis

  • I find it stunning that a GP would not wish to refer you to the person who specialises in your problem. I suppose they were hoping / expecting that the cardio would do this? Anyhow, good news and hope you get it all sorted.

  • My GP kept insisting that if I went to an EP the procedure could cause me to have a stroke and was I prepared to take that risk. I just insisted (tearfully) that he refer me. Been to pick up my warfarin today from the chemists and chemist asked me if I wanted the other tablets that had been there since June. I was most puzzled. Turns out the cardiologist had asked the GP to prescribe them and monitor me. I think they are called Remptrill? I know they are to try and bring my heart into sinus rhythm. Just would of been nice of my GP to tell me he had prescribed them - being as I had a medicine review with him on Tuesday!

  • Well done Jollies. I moved on from my GP very early on, changed cardiologists and was told "no need to see an EP yet", didn't accept that arranged my own EP appointment. I told my Cardio and he nearly had a heart attack mumbled about we have to work together and clearly there was also politics involved as the EP I had booked probably did not feature on his Christmas card list. He quickly realised there was a need for the patient to see an EP now and referred me to his favourite and I compromised by postponing the initial EP appointment.

    Morale of the story: Stay in control and you need all the viewpoints, even though they may be contradictory, picking up valuable information on the way so you can take an informed decision.

    Good Luck!

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