Still so tired

I am 2/12 months out and am still experiencing extreme fatigue if I over do. By over doing I mean just what I used to do. If I have a day like I used to have I am down for 2 or 3 days. I sweat profusely upon the lest exertion, with shortness of breath. The Dr. said that my body has just been through so much in four months that it will take time and I need to give myself a break. She said that having pneumonia alone can really cause these symptoms let alone the hip replacement and ablation. I feel like people and my family expect me to be better by now. I have started to say no to some of the extra things that I have been involved in, which I find very hard. How long or have any of you had this kind of experience with getting better? Three weeks ago I started getting some energy back but my mo has always been to push too far so here I am still overwhelmed with disappointment with my body not responding to my expectations. Actually I am feeling like a wimp. Please share your thoughts and experiences with me.

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  • Still early day. Six months is about right but you should continue to improve up to a year.

  • My sister ended up in hospital with pneumonia last year and she felt tired and breathless for a long time afterwards, so it could be that. With your ablation as well, I guess it's going to take longer for you to pick up. Just accept it for now and see if you gradually start feeling better as the weeks go by. Have you had an x-ray on your lungs to check that the pneumonia has completely gone?


  • My experience with fatigue is that it's best to listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard - you will heal faster if you pace yourself and stay within comfortable limits until you really feel ready to push the boundaries a bit. Your body has been through a lot - have mercy!

  • Hi having major surgery and AF give yourself a pat on the back your doing great.manage fatigue and listen to your body positive thinking you can do it .take care don't worry you will get there.🤗🤗

  • Two key comments in your description

    "I feel like people and my family expect me to be better by now." - Are they experts in your body ? You've been through the mill and it could be a year until you are fully recovered

    "I have started to say no to some of the extra things that I have been involved in, which I find very hard." - This leads me to suspect you have been doing things so stop it :-) Just lie around, exercise gently and get slowly better over the coming months.

  • Maelin, you are way too hard on yourself. Rather than listening to those people who are trying to push you forward listen to your own body and respond to its needs. The fact that you can do anything at all after all you have been through is a miracle in my books. Pneumonia is usually your body telling you "enough already"!! I have had pneumonia several times and each time it has taken me several months to recover properly and at that time I wasn't dealing with anything else. Learning to say "no" is not easy but it could save your life. Go easy on yourself and know that many of us out here understand how you feel and wish you well...

  • I cannot imagine having all of that going on? I certainly do not think you would recover in that length of time! Back up and rethink this, sweating and shortness of breath, hum. Allow your body to heal. Eat healthy, rest and stop if your body tells you to. Best to you.

  • Thank you all for your encouragement. We have a home down south and I have decided to go early this year and stay by myself for a month or two and not do or be involved in anything but listen to my body and rest.

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